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Becky G's Fingertips Sponsored by Cheetos: A Deja tu Huella Sensation Returns

Get ready for an electrifying burst of positivity and empowerment as Cheetos, the legendary brand famous for its orange Cheetle dust, unleashes a groundbreaking campaign that's changing lives! In an unprecedented move, Cheetos is teaming up with the PepsiCo Foundation to grant 500 Uplift Scholarships to talented Hispanic students, propelling them toward their dreams and soaring to unparalleled heights in education.

Brace yourself for a tidal wave of inspiration as this trailblazing initiative ignites a fire in the hearts of the next generation, encouraging them to make their mark on the world, just as Cheetos has celebrated the magnificent influence of Hispanic culture through its incredible Deja tu Huella campaign. This is a game-changer, and you won't want to miss a single moment!

The Deja tu Huella campaign is no stranger to empowering the Hispanic community. With the rallying cry "Leave your mark," it has championed diversity, unity, and positivity for years. But this time, Cheetos is breaking new ground with a unique twist – they are sponsoring none other than global superstar Becky G's fingertips! Becky G, a staunch advocate for the Hispanic community, is partnering with Cheetos to support and celebrate the future generation of Hispanic students through the PepsiCo Foundation's Uplift Scholarships, a community college tour, and a nationwide TikTok challenge.

The heart of this initiative lies in the Uplift Scholarships. In collaboration with Cheetos, the PepsiCo Foundation will award 500 scholarships this year to students across 12 different community colleges classified as Hispanic-Serving Institutions (HSIs). Looking ahead, they plan to grant over 2,000 additional scholarships in the next three years, reinforcing their commitment to the Hispanic community. These Uplift Scholarships cover tuition-related expenses and go beyond financial support by providing essential services like emergency grants, financial management webinars, and mentorship opportunities with PepsiCo leaders and associates. Additionally, some scholars will receive support for transportation, housing, and food assistance, breaking down barriers that might hinder their pursuit of education.

To encourage Hispanic students to apply for the Uplift Scholarships, Cheetos is launching the Deja tu Huella Tour, which will visit community colleges across the country during National Hispanic Heritage Month. Stops in vibrant cities like Miami, San Antonio, and Becky G's hometown, Los Angeles, will reach over 400,000 students across three college systems. These events will celebrate Hispanic students and provide them with invaluable resources, including resume reviews, professional headshots, mentorship opportunities, and inspiring speakers. Of course, Cheetos being synonymous with fun, the tour will also feature music, delicious food, photo opportunities, and more, creating a memorable and engaging experience for everyone involved.

Tina Mahal, senior vice president of brand marketing at Frito-Lay, shared her excitement about the campaign, stating, "Our mission with the Cheetos Deja tu Huella campaign is to shine a light on members of the Hispanic community who are leaving their mark on culture and encourage others to do the same by providing funding and support." Indeed, this initiative embodies the essence of leaving a positive impact on society and inspiring others to follow suit.

As an integral part of the Deja tu Huella Tour, Cheetos and Becky G is calling on fans nationwide to share how they leave their mark, offering a chance to win tickets to Becky G's first-ever headlining tour this fall and meet-and-greet opportunities with the superstar herself. Fans can unleash their creativity by recording and submitting a TikTok video with #DejatuHuellaTour and #entry, showcasing five ways – one for each fingertip – they are leaving their mark on their community.

The Deja tu Huella campaign by Cheetos and the PepsiCo Foundation exemplifies the immense impact a brand can have when it dedicates itself to supporting and uplifting communities. By empowering Hispanic students through Uplift Scholarships and providing them with invaluable resources, mentorship, and encouragement, they are not only transforming lives but also fostering a brighter future for generations to come.

Through the union of Cheetos, Becky G, and the PepsiCo Foundation, we witness the power of collaboration and collective dedication to driving positive change. It sends a resounding message to the world that when we come together to support education and unleash the potential of our youth, we open doors to endless opportunities and leave an indelible mark on the fabric of society.

As the Deja tu Huella program continues to unfold, we can all find inspiration in the remarkable journey of Becky G and countless others who are paving the way for the Hispanic community and beyond. Let us embrace the call to leave our mark on everything we touch and contribute to a world where dreams know no bounds, and the pursuit of education is a gateway to limitless possibilities. For more information on the Deja tu Huella program, Uplift Scholarships, Deja tu Huella Tour, and TikTok challenge visit and join the movement that changes lives and shapes a brighter future for all.


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