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Camila Cabello and BACARDÍ: A Fusion of Rhythms and Spirits

Photo: Courtesy of BACARDÍ Rum, BACARDÍ x Camila Cabello Campaign

In a dazzling move that's stirring the spirits and music industry alike, BACARDÍ, the iconic rum brand, has unveiled Grammy-nominated artist Camila Cabello as its new global face. This collaboration, part of the BACARDÍ global Do What Moves You platform, marks Camila Cabello's inaugural venture into the world of spirit endorsements, launching a multi-year partnership that's as vibrant and dynamic as the participants themselves.

A Symphony of Cultural and Creative Harmony

At the heart of this partnership is a campaign that perfectly encapsulates the essence of summer, featuring the Cuban-American superstar's new song, "I LUV IT," from her eagerly awaited fourth album, C, XOXO. Cabello's excitement about this collaboration is palpable. "I've always thought of BACARDÍ as the quintessential rum brand," she shared. For Cabello, BACARDÍ is not just a drink; it's the embodiment of the Caribbean spirit—synonymous with celebration, community, and of course, exceptional cocktails.

The campaign, a brainchild of director Nicolás Méndez and BBDO New York, showcases Cabello's electrifying energy against the backdrop of Méndez's cinematic vision. The collaboration aims to create a sensory experience that transcends traditional advertising, inviting fans into a world where music, movement, and mojitos merge into one. The promotional spot is a narrative of communal celebration, with soundwaves from Cabello's "I LUV IT" pulsating through the streets, culminating in a block party that epitomizes the spirit of both the artist and BACARDÍ.

Fashion, Flair, and Flavor

This campaign is more than just a music video; it's a showcase of Cabello's evolving style and sound. Styled by Jared Ellner and featuring makeup by Ash K Holm and hairstyles by Dimitris Giannetos, Cabello's looks are as bold and refreshing as the campaign itself. The choreography, crafted by the innovative team of (LA)HORDE, brings the celebration to life, embodying the essence of what it means to Do What Moves You.

Beyond the visuals, the partnership will be felt worldwide through events and performances, all featuring the "I LUV IT Punch," a cocktail co-created by Cabello. This drink, a twist on the classic rum punch, combines BACARDÍ Superior with passion fruit, lime, coconut water, and St. Germain, mirroring Cabello's love for tropical flavors and her heritage.

A Partnership of Passion and Heritage

Roberto Ramirez Laverde, BACARDÍ's Global SVP, expressed enthusiasm about the collaboration, noting the shared Caribbean roots and passion for music as the foundation of this partnership. "Camila Cabello's electrifying energy is the perfect match for our brand DNA," he stated, underlining the brand's commitment to individuality and the ethos of doing what moves you.

As the campaign rolls out globally, it's clear that this partnership is more than a marketing endeavor; it's a celebration of culture, music, and the joy of living life passionately. With a comprehensive campaign strategy, including global broadcasts, social media amplification, and outdoor advertising, BACARDÍ and Cabello are set to make a splash this summer.

The I LUV IT Punch: A Taste of Summer

For those eager to bring a piece of this campaign into their homes, the I LUV IT Punch recipe is the perfect way to start. This cocktail is a testament to the collaboration's creativity, blending the smooth taste of BACARDÍ Superior with the tropical notes of passion fruit and coconut water finished with a touch of lime and St. Germain for a refreshing summer drink.

  • 2 oz BACARDÍ Superior rum

  • ½ oz St Germain liqueur

  • ½ oz Passion Fruit Nectar

  • ½ oz lime juice

  • 1 oz coconut water

  • Garnish: Lime wheel and toasted coconut flakes


Start your cocktail adventure by gathering all the magical ingredients directly into a rock glass brimming with crystal-clear cubed ice. Give it a gentle swirl to blend the flavors, inviting them to dance together in perfect harmony. Then, elevate the experience by adorning your creation with a vibrant lime wheel, adding a burst of citrusy zest. Finish with a sprinkle of toasted coconut flakes, casting a tropical spell over your drink. This final touch not only delights the senses but also transports you to an exotic paradise with each sip. Cheers to crafting the perfect concoction that's as visually stunning as it is delicious!

As Camila Cabello debuts her new album and takes on the role of BACARDÍ's global face, this partnership promises to bring a fresh wave of energy and inspiration to fans and consumers alike. Through music, mixology, and a shared commitment to celebrating life, BACARDÍ and Cabello are setting the stage for a summer to remember.


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