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28 Years Later: Celebrating the Legacy of Selena Quintanilla-Perez

This year marks the 28th anniversary of the tragic passing of the beloved Tejano singer, Selena Quintanilla-Perez. Her legacy lives on through her music, her fans, and the impact she had on the Latin music industry.

Selena was born in Lake Jackson, Texas on April 16, 1971. She was the youngest of three children born to Abraham and Marcella Quintanilla. From a young age, Selena displayed an interest in music and began singing with her family’s band, Selena y Los Dinos, at the age of nine. Over the next decade, she and her band developed a strong fan base in the Tejano music scene.

In 1989, Selena signed a recording contract with EMI Latin, and released her first album, “Selena”. It was a major success, selling over 300,000 copies in the United States and Mexico. She followed up with her second album, “Ven Conmigo”, in 1991. This album marked the beginning of her crossover into the mainstream Latin music scene.

In the twenty-eight years since Selena’s death, Corpus Christi has come to honor the singer’s life and legacy. Every year, on the anniversary of her death, thousands of fans flock to the city to pay their respects to the beloved artist.

The annual festivals and events honoring Selena’s legacy take place in her hometown of Corpus Christi and other cities throughout Texas. The most popular of these is the Fiesta de la Flor, which takes place in Corpus Christi and has become an annual gathering for Selena fans from all over the world. The two-day event features a variety of activities, including live performances by Selena’s family members, dance performances, art exhibitions, and plenty of Selena-inspired merchandise. Additionally, the festival has a variety of activities for children, such as a Selena-themed playground and a Selena mural painting workshop.

These festivals and events have become an important part of Texas culture, as fans come together to honor Selena’s life and music. It’s a time to celebrate and remember the Queen of Tejano and her everlasting impact. Whether you’re a native Texan or a fan from elsewhere, these festivals provide a fun and meaningful way to pay tribute to the iconic singer. Selena’s fans will continue to honor her legacy for years to come.

On March 25th and 26th, 2023, Dallas, TX welcomed a record-breaking number of visitors to the 214 Selena festival. Celebrating the legacy of the beloved Tejano singer, Selena Quintanilla-Perez, the festival hosted a variety of activities, movie screenings, and art honoring the Queen of Tejano music.

The 214 Selena festival presented by Oak Cliff Cultural Center is an annual event and is held around the anniversary of the singer’s death, which occurred 28 years ago. This year’s festival, hosted in the Oak Cliff neighborhood of Dallas, was the most successful yet. The majority of the events are free to attend, paying tribute to her lasting influence in the music industry.

The 214 Selena festival was a rousing success, showing that her legacy is still alive and well in the hearts of her fans. The festivities were a great way to pay tribute to her music and her impact on Latinx culture. It was amazing to see so many people come together to celebrate the life and music of Selena. We can only hope that this celebration will continue for many years to come. ¡Viva Selena!


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