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Amanda Moreno Lake: From Dreams to Empire Building – The Inspiring Fairy Tale of The Queen of Oak Cliff

Photo: Amanda Moreno Lake "The Queen of Oak Cliff"

In the intricate fabric of life's narratives, one figure stands as a resplendent testament to the enduring qualities of resilience, ambition, and unwavering devotion to both family and community. Amanda Moreno Lake, affectionately celebrated as 'The Queen of Oak Cliff,' is nothing short of a contemporary fairy tale come to life. With three remarkable sons who serve as her unwavering pillars of strength, she has gracefully evolved into the role of a cherished grandmother and a boundless source of inspiration for generations yet to be.

Amanda's journey is a captivating tapestry interwoven with threads of tenacity, ambition, and an unyielding commitment to the betterment of her community. Her story is a symphony of determination that harmoniously combines family values, entrepreneurial excellence, and a profound love for her heritage. Join us as we embark on a remarkable voyage through the extraordinary life of Amanda Moreno Lake, a source of aspiration a paragon of ambition, and a living testament to the boundless heights that can be reached when one dares to dream and tirelessly strives for greatness.

A Dreamer's Promise

Amanda's story begins with a promise she made to herself in her early twenties—a vow to one day own the enchanting Oak Cliff castle that had captured her heart. It was a testament to her resilience and tenacity, and true to her word, a few years ago, Amanda and her husband Jim Lake Jr. turned that dream into reality. Their castle, now a symbol of their unwavering love and commitment, stands as a testament to the power of perseverance.

Amanda mentioned during her interview with Our Latinx Magazine that her favorite room in her majestic fortress is her kitchen, a sprawling 800-square-foot space that serves as a tribute to her humble beginnings childhood home. It's a constant reminder that, no matter how far she's come, she'll never forget where she came from. Amanda Moreno Lake is not just a queen in her castle; she's an inspiration to us all, proving that with determination and a touch of magic, dreams can truly come true.

Photo: Amanda Moreno Lake "The Queen of Oak Cliff"

A Visionary Entrepreneur

Amanda Moreno-Lake's remarkable journey isn't defined by her wealth or titles but by her unwavering commitment to living a purpose-driven life and uplifting others along the way. A dynamic Latina force, Amanda wears multiple hats in her diverse pursuits, exemplifying her extraordinary achievements. Within the vibrant tapestry of the North Texas real estate and business realm, Amanda Moreno has discovered her true calling: real estate investment and development. Her indomitable spirit and entrepreneurial drive have been the bedrock of her triumphs, as she has spearheaded the creation of thriving communities spanning from Oak Cliff to Cedar Hill to Waxahachie.

Amanda's legacy epitomizes the boundless potential of pursuing one's passions and making a lasting impact on the world. Amanda Moreno-Lake has been in the construction and real estate business for over twenty-plus years. She currently serves as the President of Redevelopment at Jim Lake Companies and as an active partner in several investments. She has proudly completed the redevelopment of the downtown square in Waxahachie. Her newest projects and efforts are going towards the redevelopment of the downtown square in Ennis and Cedar Hill. Aside from real estate and construction, Amanda has owned her fair share of businesses, including a beauty salon and western-wear store among other businesses. In addition to Amanda’s business operations and partnerships, she has been a part of several boards, including the DART Board of Directors (2013-2021), Dallas Arboretum Board of Directors, Oak Cliff Chamber of Commerce Board, Fair Park Texas Foundation Board of Directors, UNT Dallas Foundation Board, UTSW Redbird Community Forum Board, and the Blue Guardian Foundation Board. Amanda is also the co-founder of Mammogram Poster Girls and is actively involved with their community.

Amanda's remarkable career in real estate investing and development dates back to the late 80s when she embarked on her entrepreneurial journey. Her first bold step was establishing her business in the Bishop Arts district during a time when most people hesitated to invest in the area. She vividly recalls Bishop Arts as it once was, a diamond in the rough, and she proudly declares that it's no longer the same. Through her vision and tireless efforts, Amanda has played an integral role in its transformation into a vibrant destination. Today, she owns a substantial portion of Bishop Arts, having purchased Victorian buildings and breathed new life into them through meticulous redevelopment.

A Beacon of Resilience

Amanda's unwavering commitment to the community she grew up in is an inspiration to all, proving that with determination and dedication, we can not only chase our dreams but also uplift the places we hold dear to our hearts. Her legacy stands as a testament to the power of vision, perseverance, and a deep sense of community.

Amanda's upbringing in an 800-square-foot house in West Dallas, surrounded by six siblings, was a testament to resilience and tenacity. Despite the occasional disagreements with her parents, it was their unwavering work ethic that ignited a spark within her. Their daily grind taught her the true essence of perseverance and ambition. It was from them that Amanda learned the value of hard work, dedication, and the pursuit of dreams. When her parents decided to support her entrepreneurial ambitions, they provided her with seed money, a gesture that would change her life forever. With that investment, Amanda made her mark in Bishop Arts, transforming a simple idea into a thriving business. Her journey reminds us that no matter where we come from, with determination and the right support, we can achieve the extraordinary. Amanda's story is a testament to the power of family, grit, and the limitless possibilities that lie ahead when you dare to chase your dreams.

A Heart for the Community

Her dedication to uplifting her community and providing opportunities is nothing short of extraordinary. Her passion for making a positive impact extends beyond her real estate ventures. Amanda understands that not everyone has had an easy start, and she firmly believes in giving back. By offering first-time tenants the chance to sign short-term leases with no credit checks, she's leveling the playing field and providing a lifeline to those who may have faced obstacles in the past. Her actions echo the sentiment that everyone deserves a chance to pursue their dreams, regardless of their past circumstances. Amanda's tireless efforts exemplify the power of empathy, kindness, and the profound impact one individual can have on an entire community.

An Exclusive Glimpse into Amanda's World

Meeting and interviewing 'The Queen of Oak Cliff,' Amanda Moreno Lake, was an unforgettable and deeply inspiring experience that left an indelible mark on our hearts. Amanda's warm and gracious nature welcomed us into her world with open arms, offering an exclusive and intimate tour of her Oak Cliff residence and estate. Here, she lives out her enchanting fairy tale alongside her business partner, best friend, and husband, Jim Lake Jr., and her beloved family.

What truly struck us was the genuine passion she exudes for gardening and her enthusiasm for hosting friends, family, and fundraisers in this special place she calls home. Amanda's story is a testament to the beauty of pursuing one's passions, cultivating meaningful relationships, and creating a haven of love and positivity that radiates through every corner of her remarkable life. She embodies the idea that dreams can come true when fueled by love, dedication, and a genuine desire to uplift those around you.

Photo: Amanda Moreno Lake "The Queen of Oak Cliff"

A Standing Ovation for an Empire Builder

Every year, the Greater Dallas Hispanic Chamber of Commerce dedicates a moment to celebrate the outstanding accomplishments of Hispanic-owned small businesses and Minority, Women-Owned Business Enterprises in the North Texas region. These remarkable entrepreneurs exemplify unwavering dedication and set a towering standard for others to emulate.

On June 2, 2023, during the annual Quality and Excellence Award ceremony hosted by

Greater Dallas Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, Amanda Moreno Lake received the prestigious "Empire Builder Award." This accolade honors visionaries and trailblazers who have made significant contributions to the economic growth and development of their communities. Amanda's transformative impact on the Dallas business landscape is nothing short of awe-inspiring. She possesses a unique ability to spot opportunities, nurture talent, and cultivate environments that foster growth and prosperity, leaving an indelible mark.

A Legacy of Excellence

Amanda's journey from owning a beauty salon and western wear store to ascending to the position of President at Moreno Lake Redevelopment serves as a source of empowerment

for aspiring entrepreneurs and a source of immense pride for the Oak Cliff community. Her impressive list of accomplishments, including the recent "Empire Builder Award," serves as a powerful reminder that unwavering commitment, passion, and dedication to one's community can lead to extraordinary achievements.

As we celebrate Amanda's remarkable journey and bestow upon her the title of the "Queen of Oak Cliff," we can't help but anticipate the boundless positive impact she will continue to make in the years ahead. Her steadfast pursuit of excellence and her tireless efforts to uplift her community will undoubtedly leave an enduring legacy for generations to come.

A Toast to the Queen

We extend our warmest congratulations to Amanda Moreno-Lake for receiving the prestigious "Empire Builder Award" and convey our heartfelt wishes for her continued success in her future endeavors. She stands as a true inspiration to us all, a living testament to what one individual can accomplish when driven by a profound sense of purpose and an unwavering love for their roots. Amanda's legacy will serve as a symbol of hope and inspiration for generations yet to come, reminding us that remarkable achievements are within reach for those who persevere with passion and dedication.

In the end, Amanda Moreno Lake's story is not just one of personal triumph but a rallying cry for all who dare to dream and aspire to make a positive impact on their communities. It's a story of resilience, ambition, and unwavering dedication—a true modern-day fairy tale that teaches us that, with determination and a touch of magic, dreams can indeed come true. Amanda Moreno Lake, "The Queen of Oak Cliff," has shown us that the sky is not the limit; it's just the beginning of what's possible when you dare to reach for the stars.

Photo: Amanda Moreno Lake "The Queen of Oak Cliff"


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