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Buchanan's "We Are The Spirit Of The 200%": Embracing Diversity, Unity, and Heritage

In a world that often demands conformity to one identity, Buchanan's Blended Scotch Whisky is breaking the mold with its latest marketing campaign, "We Are The Spirit Of The 200%." This powerful and inspiring campaign celebrates the unique duality and cultural contributions of Hispanic Americans, bridging the gap between tradition and modernity while embracing the richness of heritage.

Buchanan's partnered with the award-winning advertising agency Crispin Porter Bogusky (CPB) to create a dynamic mixed-media campaign that includes captivating 15 and 30-second video spots and eye-catching out-of-home takeovers. This campaign showcases how Hispanic Americans, often caught between two worlds, are redefining traditions and crafting their cultural narratives.

To ensure authenticity, Buchanan assembled a diverse cast of Hispanic-American creatives and pioneers from across the country. This remarkable ensemble brings their unique stories, styles, and experiences to life, demonstrating that there's no one-size-fits-all approach to being a 200 %er.

One of the campaign's standout stars is Marcello Hernández, a Miami-based stand-up comedian with Cuban-Dominican roots who has captured hearts as a cast member on "Saturday Night Live." His comedy delves into the shared experiences of many 200 %ers, from humorous anecdotes about mamás to his passion for fútbol and growing up in a bicultural world.

Kids of Immigrants (KOI), a cultural collective and movement based in Los Angeles, founded by Honduran-American CEO Daniel Buezo and Mexican-American Creative Director Debbie Gonzales, is at the heart of the campaign. KOI celebrates its roots while inspiring unity among individuals with their powerful messages of "Spread Love" and "Support Your Friends."

The campaign also highlights cultural archivists Djali Brown-Cepeda and Ricardo Castañeda of NuevaYorkinos, who preserve Latino and Caribbean personal histories through community submissions, celebrating the resilience of immigrants in the U.S. through their stories. DJ VRYWVY, a Mexican-born Dallas-based DJ and creator of VRYLATIN and VRYBILINGUAL parties adds to the campaign's vibrant mix. He celebrates Latin culture and dual identities, aiming to inspire the next generation of DJs and creatives through music.

The campaign's holiday film, inspired by Elisabet Velásquez's poem "Can I be Puerto Rican?" brings together a diverse group of 200 %ers from different backgrounds. They unite for various holiday occasions, showcasing how Hispanic Americans honor their homelands through food, music, clothing, and rituals to create new memories.

Josh Dean, Vice President of Buchanan’s Whisky North America, says, "This campaign is meant to honor the 200%ers across the U.S. who are always finding unique and authentic ways to make Buchanan’s Whisky a part of their celebrations." He emphasizes the importance of showcasing the diversity within Hispanic-American communities and the creation of new traditions.

In a world where advertising often feels like a fleeting message, Buchanan's "We Are The Spirit Of The 200%" campaign stands as a testament to something much deeper. It's not merely about promoting a product; it's about igniting a vibrant celebration of Hispanic American heritage, creativity, and the remarkable strength found in embracing duality.

As we approach this holiday season, Buchanan's isn't just toasting with a glass; they're raising the bar by orchestrating a series of events and initiatives that resonate profoundly with the very soul of the 200 %ers. From the culturally rich Family Cena to the flavorful Vibra Buena 200% Dinner Series, crafted by local chefs and 200%ers alike, and the heartwarming 200% Family Meal Giveback Program, Buchanan's is leaving no stone unturned in their unwavering dedication to the community.

The Noche Buena Holiday Contest invites fans to share their cherished traditions, while the 200% Food and drink Content adds an exquisite twist to the festivities. Today, as we gather here, let us not only raise our glasses in tribute to Buchanan's but also to the 200%ers who boldly redefine tradition with elegance and panache. In a world that frequently compels us to choose sides, this campaign encourages us all to proudly declare, "Soy de aquí y de allá" – I am from here and there, celebrating the exquisite fusion of two worlds. Cheers to Buchanan's and the enchantment that unfolds when 200%ers unite, reminding us that diversity, unity, and heritage are to be cherished, embraced, and celebrated.

The Holiday Campaign film for Buchanan's Whisky titled 'Embodying the Essence of 200%', starring Marcello Hernández, Daniel Buezo from Kids of Immigrants, Debbie Gonzales, Djali Brown-Cepeda from NuevaYorkinos, and Ricardo Castañeda, alongside DJ VRWVY.


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