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Cheesy Chic Alert: Unforgettable Fusion of CHEETOS and Coral Castillo Spices Up Fall Wardrobe

Get ready to spice up your autumn wardrobe with a dash of audacity and a sprinkle of innovation, all thanks to an electrifying collaboration that's propelling fashion to extraordinary heights. This fall, you're invited to rock your seasonal style with the fabulous CHEETOS Mac 'N Cheese x Coral Castillo MAC'ramé Collection. This exciting partnership seamlessly blends the mouthwatering flavors of CHEETOS Mac 'N Cheese with the mesmerizing artistry and visionary ingenuity of Coral Castillo, a radiant standout from the illustrious nineteenth season of Project Runway, resulting in a collection that not only shatters culinary conventions but also confidently struts its way into the realm of haute couture.

Imagine your favorite comfort food, the classic mac and cheese, making a triumphant entrance onto the runway. That's precisely what's happening with this innovative collaboration. Coral Castillo, a visionary fashion designer, macramé artist, and creative mastermind, has joined forces with CHEETOS Mac 'N Cheese to introduce a collection that will leave you craving more than just a culinary delight.

What's more exhilarating than a collection that features sneakers and a waist bag inspired by the iconic CHEETOS Mac 'N Cheese? The MAC'ramé Collection is a tribute to both the unforgettable taste of your favorite cheesy pasta and the fashion-forward ingenuity of Castillo. Each piece is an homage to the classic comfort of mac and cheese, and yet, it transcends the expected by weaving in Castillo's signature dramatic aesthetic.

Drenched in the iconic colorways of CHEETOS Mac 'N Cheese flavors, these items are edible art for your wardrobe. A dazzling trio of orange, green, and red hues pays homage to the Bold & Cheesy, Cheesy Jalapeño, and FLAMIN' HOT flavors, respectively.

The centerpiece of this collection is the eye-catching MAC-Top Sneakers. Imagine walking confidently in sneakers that are not only stylish but also celebrate your love for bold flavor. These sneakers feature Castillo's exquisite macramé designs, combined with cheetah print lining, giving them an audacious personality. The custom orange outsole, emblazoned with the iconic CHEETOS logo and spiral noodle motifs, adds an irresistible touch of whimsy. With every step, you'll be leaving behind a trail of boldness and a pinch of theatrical flair.

But that's not all. The collection also boasts the fabulous Fanny MAC, a revamp of the CHEETOS Mac 'N Cheese Fanny MAC from the previous summer. Now, with a MAC'ramé touch, this waist bag brings a touch of functional couture to your ensemble. Imagine flaunting a waist bag that not only holds your essentials but also pays homage to the cheesy goodness you adore. The corkscrew noodle zipper, the sleek cheetah print lining, and the handmade macramé details on the adjustable faux leather strap combine to make this piece an embodiment of creativity and convenience. Plus, it's designed to accommodate a 5.9 oz box of CHEETOS Mac 'N Cheese – talk about a fashion accessory that's both stylish and deliciously practical!

Kristin Kroepfl, the Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer of Quaker Foods North America at PepsiCo, sums it up perfectly: "The CHEETOS Mac 'N Cheese x Coral Castillo MAC'ramé Collection embodies how we would like to shake up this comfort category in a bold way that is distinctly CHEETOS."

Ready to snag a piece of this electrifying collaboration for yourself? From August 9, 2023, through September 8, 2023, head over to for a chance to win. Thirty fortunate souls will be randomly selected to receive a pair of the irresistible MAC-Tops, while fifteen lucky winners will nab the trendy Fanny MAC. The collection may be limited, but the excitement and flair it offers are boundless. The sweepstakes are open to legal residents of the 50 United States (D.C.), aged 18 and older, with no purchase necessary. To stay in the loop about this sensational collaboration, be sure to follow Coral Castillo and CHEETOS on social media. Connect with @cc.coral and @CHEETOS for updates, sneak peeks, and all things MAC'ramé.

As the world eagerly awaits the launch of the CHEETOS Mac 'N Cheese x Coral Castillo MAC'ramé Collection, one thing is clear: this collaboration isn't just about mac and cheese—it's a celebration of audacity, creativity, and making a fearless statement, both from your dinner plate and in your wardrobe. So, gear up for a fall season that's about to get a whole lot bolder and more fashionable, thanks to the zesty partnership of CHEETOS Mac 'N Cheese and the visionary Coral Castillo.

Photo: Courtesy of CHEETOS Mac N Cheese


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