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Discover the power of you with Chicago Latina Expo

The IRL Chicago Latina Expo brings together the Latina community. The expo fosters relationships, sharing stories and conversations. The highly anticipated expo is Designed for the ultimate experience for Latina Women.

The ultimate experience is by combining the best in shopping, speakers, health, wealth, business, beauty, wellness, and resources. The 2-day viral affair aims to address the structural barriers to upward social and economic mobility for Latinas, specifically focused on health, wealth, business, systemic racism, equality, and the future of Latinas in the boardroom.

“Latinas are the key drivers of the Hispanic economic power in the U.S, becoming the second-largest ethnic group in Chicago. We now make up nearly a third of the city's total population.”

Latinas are culturally engaged and make mindful decisions on how she engages with products, brands, and companies, often outpacing other demographic groups.

Latinas In The Digital Age

Technology is a Key companion to today's consumer, and the Latina is no exception. Eight out of ten Latinas are using online information to make decisions about purchasing products online. Three-quarters are using it to make day-to-day decisions or as a lifestyle guide throughout Big events, and two-thirds to help inform store-retail purchases. The importance of online information is crucial for buying decisions both online and offline.

Chicago Latina Expo is where she finds the latest trends, Amazing new products, and merchandise and gets informed, empowered, and enlightened.

Get your tickets today and discover the power of you at the largest Latina Lifestyle Expo in the Midwest. The Chicago Latina Expo is co-produced by the organization Dia De La Mujer Latina, a national not-for-profit organization dedicated to eliminating health disparities within the Latino community in 39 states, Puerto Rico, and the Dominican Republic.


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