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Goya Cares Helps Fund New Movie "Sound of Freedom" to Raise Awareness of Child Trafficking Crisis

If you're a fan of Latin American cuisine, you've likely heard of Goya Foods, Inc. This renowned food company has been around since 1936, specializing in bringing authentic flavors from Spain, the Caribbean, Mexico, Central, and South America straight to your plate. With over 2,500 food products to choose from, Goya has become a household name in Latin American food and condiments.

But what sets Goya apart is their unwavering commitment to using authentic ingredients, bold seasonings, and easy-to-follow preparation methods that cater to every taste and culinary preference. Whether you're in the mood for classic staples like beans and rice or more exotic flavors like adobo and sofrito, Goya's got you covered.

But Goya's mission goes beyond just providing quality food products. They have also committed themselves to making a positive impact on society by raising awareness and fighting against child trafficking, as well as educating people on child mental health awareness.

Goya Cares is a global initiative that aims to combat child trafficking and educate on child mental health. As part of their mission, they have announced their support as executive producer for the release of the new movie SOUND OF FREEDOM, coming to theaters nationwide on July 4, to help raise awareness of the child trafficking epidemic.

The movie is based on the true story of former federal agent Tim Ballard and highlights the urgent matter of child trafficking through his heroic actions. Goya Cares is proud to be a part of this movie and support the incredible work of Eduardo Verástegui and Tim Ballard.

Goya Foods has used its international platform to establish Goya Cares as a global initiative, bringing together organizations and businesses to show solidarity and help communities recognize the dangers of child trafficking and the importance of preventative education. The coalition partners of Goya Cares help to recover, restore, and reunite survivors, while others help to raise awareness and provide schools with free access to the preventative education curriculum and the Goya Cares' educational series LIGHT.

SOUND OF FREEDOM, starring Jim Caviezel, Academy Award Winner Mira Sorvino, Bill Camp, José Zúñiga, and Eduardo Verástegui, is an important movie that sheds light on the child trafficking epidemic. Followers and supporters can "pay it forward" by buying SOUND OF FREEDOM movie tickets for others to watch for free. To learn more about Goya Cares and their initiatives, please visit their website.

Goya Cares is an initiative that is making a difference in the world beyond just offering quality food products. By raising awareness and fighting against child trafficking and educating people on child mental health, Goya is using its platform to make a positive impact on society. It's inspiring to see Goya Cares and other organizations and businesses come together to show solidarity and help communities recognize the dangers of child trafficking and the importance of preventative education. Together, we can work towards a world where all children are safe and protected.


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