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Latina creating representation and increasing diversity in the modeling industry

Latinas have long been an important part of the entrepreneurial landscape, but their stories of success, are often overlooked. This is particularly true in the U.S., where Latinas make up less than 5% of business owners. However, this is beginning to change, as Latina entrepreneurs are becoming more visible, and their stories of success are inspiring more and more Latinas to take the plunge into entrepreneurship.

Take Estela Trevizo, for instance. At a young age, She started her own modeling school business. She now runs a successful modeling school franchise, Bella Modeling School, in Texas and Atlanta. Despite her young age, she dared to take the risk of starting her own business and managed to turn it into a profitable venture. After working in various corporate roles, she decided to take the plunge into entrepreneurship. She now runs a successful modeling school franchise, helping inspire models to follow their dream and providing professional coaching and advice on the many modeling aspects for a successful modeling career. The success stories of Latinas like Estela are inspiring more and more Latinas to pursue their dreams.

When it comes to representation in the competitive modeling industry, Latina entrepreneur, Estela Trevizo, is determined to make a change. She is the founder of Bella modeling Schools. A professional modeling school that works to increase representation and create diversity in the modeling industry, and positive visibility of Latinx models in the modeling world with the Bella Modeling School training programs.

Estela is a highly successful model and actress who has been featured by many national companies and is now the spokesperson for Frontier Utilities.

Estela is a highly successful model and actress who has been featured by many national companies and is now the spokesperson for Frontier Utilities. She is also a former beauty queen and is passionate about helping young models become the best versions of themselves and pursue their dreams. She has a modeling training program that focuses on providing the best instruction and curriculum to be up to date with industry standards.

Estela first became inspired to create Bella Modeling School after witnessing the lack of diversity in the modeling industry. She was determined to make a difference and build a modeling school that could bring more Latinx models into the fashion industry. She wanted to create a modeling school that could create opportunities for Latinx models to showcase their skills and share their culture. Since launching the modeling school, Estela has made it her mission to not only create representation for Latinx models but also to promote and celebrate their culture.

Bella Modeling School works to not only develop and promote Latinx models but also feature them in campaigns and editorials. Estela has also been active in her community, working to support Latinx-owned businesses and organizations. Estela and her team of professionals have worked hard to ensure that Bella Modeling School is a safe and supportive environment for Latinx and other inspiring models. The professional modeling school has a team of talented instructors, photographers, scouts, and casting directors that work to find models and promote them in the fashion industry.

Bella Modeling School's mission is to help models become successful models or actors by equipping them with the tools to enter the modeling industry and learning the professional skills and tools they need to succeed in this competitive field. Bella Modeling School offers classes, workshops, and coaching to help models build a solid foundation in modeling, acting, and entertainment.

The professional modeling school helps models understand the basics of modeling, teaches them to be professional, polishes their portfolio, and prepares them for the modeling industry. Bella Modeling School is your gateway to success. Their team of professionals is dedicated to helping inspiring models achieve their goal of becoming successful models or actors.

Our Latinx Magazine, a digital publication devoted to celebrating Latina/Latinx entrepreneurs, recently interview the powerhouse Estela Trevizo and also visit one of the Bella Modeling schools in Mckinney Texas. Here is what Trevizo had to say.

OLM: How did you become interested in your field?

Estela: Ever since I was a little girl, the modeling and acting industry fascinated me: the behind-the-scenes, being in front of the camera and the confidence models and actors had in the way they carried themselves.

OLM: How did you begin your career?

Estela: I started walking in fashion shows in my community, connecting with people in the industry, and taking advantage of every opportunity that came my way. If that was a photo shoot, an opportunity to speak to a group, or be in a movie, I was in!

OLM: What do you like most about your work?

Estela: I like that every project is different and pushes you to grow. I like working with different people, all with passion for what they do.

OLM: What kinds of accomplishments tend to be valued and rewarded in your field?

Estela: The bookings with more exposure for sure. If you get a commercial, billboard, magazine cover, or something where you will be seen/heard by a lot of people.

OLM: How does your position fit within the organization/career field/industry?

Estela: I am able to not only perform and work in the industry but also help others get there. To learn what is currently happening on sets, changes/updates in the industry, etc.

OLM: Why do you feel you are the most suited for this role?

Estela: I feel I am most suited for the role of CEO of Bella Modeling School because of my experience in the field and because I am a minority. Back when I started the company, there was not as high of a demand for minority/diverse models and now they are on almost every set!

OLM: What kind of mindset is required for your duties and responsibilities?

Estela: I would say for the mindset required for any model/actor is to be open to constructive criticism and not take anything too personally, persist, and continue despite setbacks or slow periods. Always continue to work on yourself and put yourself out there.

OLM: What are the areas of opportunity that you foresee in your role?

Estela: I see many more doors continuing to open up for minority and diverse models and actors. As CEO, I see this leading to more locations in which we can help more aspiring models and actors reach their goals in the industry.

OLM: How do you stay inspired and motivated in your role?

Estela: I stay inspired by being active in the industry and meeting others that have overcome so much to get to where they are. I stay motivated seeing my graduates or students working on a project and even the confidence they develop within themselves through the process.

OLM: What advice would you give to today's Latina and the future Latina?

Estela: If there’s no room for you somewhere, create that room yourself! We are capable of achieving what everyone else is achieving and able to create change to open doors for other Latinas in all industries.


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