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Latinas in Tech Publishes its 2022 Annual Member Report

+50% of Latinas continue to work in the lowest-tech positions.

Latinas in Tech, a leading organization advocating for the inclusion and advancement of Latinas in the technology industry, recently presented its highly anticipated 2022 Annual Report at this year's Latinas in Tech Summit. The report provides a comprehensive summary of the organization's member survey conducted in early 2023 and sheds light on critical issues faced by Latinas in the tech workforce.

One of the key findings highlighted in the report is the persistent gap between the skills possessed by Latinas and their underrepresentation in decision-making positions. Despite their competitive assets, more than 50% of Latinas continue to work in lower-level technical positions. This underutilization of Latina talent showcases the need for greater diversity and inclusion efforts within the industry.

Furthermore, the report emphasizes the limited availability of mentorship programs for Latinas in the workplace, hindering their career progression. Mentorship plays a crucial role in providing guidance, support, and opportunities for growth. By addressing this gap, companies can empower Latinas and foster their professional development.

Another crucial aspect revealed by the report is the lack of Latinas in the Board of Directors roles. Representation at the highest levels of leadership remains alarmingly low, preventing diverse perspectives from influencing important decisions. Companies must recognize the importance of diversity on their boards and take proactive steps to ensure Latinas have a seat at the table.

Moreover, the report identifies the need for increased venture capital support for Latina-founded companies. Despite the growing number of Latina entrepreneurs, access to funding and resources remains a significant challenge. By bridging this gap, companies and investors can unlock the full potential of Latina entrepreneurs and drive innovation.

The 2022 Annual Report not only highlights the persistent challenges but also celebrates the positive impact of Latinas in Tech's programs and initiatives. The organization's efforts have reached over 25,000 Latinas, providing them with tools and support to thrive in their careers or transition into the tech industry.

Over the past year, Latinas in Tech has expanded its projects and witnessed organizational growth. Through strategic partnerships with leading organizations, the nonprofit has created new opportunities for career growth, recruiting, and mentorship. These efforts resulted in 87 curated events, with over 11,000 participants, and the establishment of two new chapters in North Carolina and Dublin, bringing the total to 22 chapters worldwide. Additionally, 398 program participants have benefited from the organization's initiatives.

The report also includes valuable insights and tips for companies to address intersectionality and implement internal diversity, equity, and inclusion practices. Latinas in Tech emphasizes the importance of employee resource groups and mentorship initiatives to foster an inclusive work environment. For members, the report guides salary progression and entrepreneurship, empowering Latinas to pursue their goals.

By sharing demographic data and community impact metrics, the Latinas in Tech Annual Report serves as a guide for companies seeking to become more inclusive and better understand the Latina community. It is a valuable resource for organizations committed to driving positive change in the tech industry.

The 2022 Latinas in Tech Annual Report is an important milestone, highlighting the ongoing challenges faced by Latinas in the tech workforce while celebrating the organization's achievements and impact. Through continued efforts and collaboration, Latinas in Tech aims to pave the way for a more diverse and inclusive technology industry that recognizes and harnesses the talent and potential of Latinas.

You can access the 2022 Latinas In Tech Annual Report here 2022 Latinas In Tech Annual Report.


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