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Latinistas: World's 1st All-Latina Fashion Dolls Embrace Culture, Diversity, and Representation

Photo: Courtesy of Purpose Toys

Purpose Toys, the nation's largest and fastest-growing culture-driven toy company, has just made a historic announcement that is sure to inspire and uplift the Latino community. They have launched Purpose Toys LATIN, a cultural-focused division aimed at celebrating and empowering the Latino community. As part of this launch, they have introduced "Latinistas," the world's first all-Latina fashion doll line, which will be available at major retail stores like Walmart, Target, and Amazon from August 2023.

"Latinistas" is truly "Una Celebración de la Cultura Latina!" These dolls are designed to reflect the beauty and diversity of the Latino community, showcasing a wide range of skin tones, eye colors, hair colors, and textures. With diverse facial features, backgrounds, and aspirational interests, Latinistas bring cultural authenticity and representation to the toy market, which has historically lacked such diversity.

Purpose Toys LATIN is determined to shatter the industry-wide trends of limited cultural representation. The introduction of Las Amigas, the diverse cast of Latinistas including Lola, Liv, Julianna, and Dani, will bring much-needed defined representation to toy aisles. This is a significant step forward in providing a sense of identity and pride for young Latina children.

DeeDee Wright-Ward, the founder and CEO of Purpose Toys, expressed her honor in celebrating the Latino community through Purpose Toys LATIN. Under the leadership of Jovanna Rosado, Purpose Toys LATIN aims to provide culturally defined products while engaging and empowering cultural talent and leadership to develop products for cultural communities. Jovanna Rosado, a toy industry veteran with a deep love and commitment to the Latino community, will lead the launch of Latinistas and oversee marketing and business administration for the division.

Jovanna Rosado herself expressed immense pride in being part of this historic moment for the Latino community. She sees Purpose Toys LATIN as a platform to unite, empower, and celebrate the community through play. With Purpose Toys' mission to "Center and Celebrate Communities of Culture," Rosado is excited to work alongside Purpose Toys and DeeDee Wright-Ward to fulfill this mission.

Purpose Toys LATIN is not just a division focused on toys; it is a community-led initiative. Diana Garcia, a leader in social media and social impact, joins Purpose Toys LATIN to further strengthen its mission. Since its establishment in 2020, Purpose Toys has been dedicated to providing a pipeline to major retail for toy entrepreneurs of color. Their goal is to elevate cultural talent, cultural leadership, and emerging entrepreneurs by offering the necessary infrastructure and resources for success.

Purpose Toys has already made significant strides in promoting cultural representation and empowerment. Their previous launches, "Naturalistas" and "HBCyoU Dolls," cater to the Black community, celebrating natural hair and Historically Black Colleges and Universities, respectively. Purpose Toys LATIN is another remarkable addition to its cultural behemoth, solidifying its position as a nationwide leader in culture-driven goods.

With their mission to "Center and Celebrate Communities of Culture," Purpose Toys LATIN is set to provide uplifting and mission-driven products that lovingly celebrate "Children of Culture." By embracing diversity, fostering representation, and empowering cultural communities, Purpose Toys LATIN is making a significant impact on the toy industry and inspiring future generations to embrace their unique identities.

So get ready to welcome the Latinistas into your homes and celebrate the richness and vibrancy of the Latino culture. Purpose Toys LATIN is bringing us all closer together through play, and this is just the beginning of their incredible journey!


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