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The LatinX Awards honors Latinos

The LatinX Awards are honors for Latinos to recognize those who have made a positive impact throughout Chicagoland. The LatinX Awards 2022 are ready to honor individuals, creating an impact in the Latino community. The awards ceremony served as the post-celebration of National Hispanic Heritage Month. Its mission is to identify, inspire and recognize Latino leaders.

“It is crucial. To recognize the Latinos making a difference in the Latino culture. If we don't lead by example, then who will? It's Our Turne.”

Each year, the award ceremony focus on applauds in the areas of Innovation and Technology, Science, Healthcare, Engineering, Finance, Architecture, Entrepreneurship, Music & Arts, Education, Public Service, Law, Media, and Entertainment.

Chicago is kicking off National Hispanic Heritage Month with many celebrations.

The LatinX awards ceremony and celebration will kick off three important events early this Fall 2022. National Hispanic Heritage Month, Chicago Latina Expo, and Chicago World Fashion Festival. National Hispanic Heritage Month takes place from September 15 to October 15 every year, celebrating the achievements and the many contributions of the American Latino community. The LatinX Awards are the Largest LatinX Awards in the Midwest.

The LatinX awards are a highly anticipated ceremony. Make sure to RSVP and order your ceremony tickets today. Join the Latino elite group of individuals making a difference in the Latino community in Chicago and the U.S.


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