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Marshalls Unveils "Good Stuff Style Collective" with Latinx Celebrity Stylist Enrique Melendez

Photo: Courtesy of Marshalls, Emily Soto for Marshalls

In a groundbreaking fusion of high fashion and affordability, Marshalls proudly introduces its inaugural "Good Stuff Style Collective." This trailblazing venture brings together high-profile celebrity stylists Molly Dickson, and Zerina Akers, and the dynamic Latinx celebrity stylist Enrique Melendez—a visionary recognized for dressing Hollywood's Gen Z elite. Together, they herald a new epoch of accessible luxury. The collective's mission is to democratize fashion, equipping consumers with premium, cost-effective fashion pieces alongside unparalleled styling expertise. This article delves into how Marshalls is revolutionizing fashion norms and setting new standards through this transformative partnership.

Marshalls has always been synonymous with great value, but with the introduction of the Good Stuff Style Collective, the brand elevates its commitment to quality fashion. In April, Marshalls announced the formation of a team of style experts, aptly named the Marshalls Good Stuff Style Collective. These experts aren’t just any stylists; they are some of the industry's leading figures who dress Hollywood's elite.

Photo: Courtesy of Marshalls, Emily Soto for Marshalls
Expert Insights on a Budget

The Style Collective isn't just about bringing expert advice to the masses; it's a testament to Marshalls’ dedication to providing high-quality fashion without the hefty price tag. Featured prominently in Marshalls’ Spring and Summer '24 trend report, "The Edit by Marshalls," the initiative offers a sneak peek into how the brand secures top-notch fashion finds for its over a thousand stores nationwide.

Sonya Cosentini, Vice President of Brand Marketing at Marshall's, shares, "We are always looking to give our consumers access to what they want when they need it most – whether it be great quality fashion for any budget, style inspiration, or the inside scoop on shopping our stores like a pro, plus so much more."

Photographed by Emily Soto and featured in a cover story penned by InStyle Fashion Director Kevin Huynh, the Style Collective showcases how Marshalls has been a reliable resource throughout the stylists' careers.

Enrique Melendez recounts his connection to Marshalls, noting how his mother’s sacrifices allowed him access to premium products that seemed out of reach. "By shopping at Marshall's, I was able to access brands or premium products that I would see on television, music videos, or fashion magazines."

Molly Dickson, reflecting on her journey from a fashion assistant in New York to a top stylist, mentions, "I still find myself shopping at Marshalls. Where else can I get a luxury handbag and a good pair of jeans that meet my quality standards at amazing prices?"

Zerina Akers appreciates the shift toward consumer empowerment in fashion. "Fashion has been gatekept for so long, and it's shifting in a way where it's really in the hands of the consumer now," she says. Akers believes the Marshalls shopper values hard work, quality, and affordability without compromise.

For those eager to imbibe the collective’s fashion wisdom, Marshalls encourages followers to visit their Instagram and TikTok at @Marshalls. Additionally, the Edit Shop online and Marshalls stores nationwide are ready to welcome fashion enthusiasts seeking to elevate their style.

Marshalls' Good Stuff Style Collective is redefining fashion culture, proving that exclusivity in style doesn't have to be exclusive in price. This vibrant initiative partners with elite stylists to elevate Marshalls' brand, empowering everyone to define their own fashion narrative. It's a game-changer for both the style-savvy and the budget-aware, ensuring that every shopper can infuse high fashion into their wardrobe without the steep costs. Join the movement with the Good Stuff Style Collective and transform your style journey into an inspiring tale of affordability meets chic.


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