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Bormont Entertainment: Illuminating a Path to Diversity, Innovation, and Latinx Excellence

In an era where diversity and representation are more important than ever, Bormont Entertainment emerges as a beacon of hope, pushing the boundaries of creativity and innovation in the entertainment industry. Founded in 2021 by two visionary Latinx leaders, Richard Borjas, and Frank Belmont Jr., Bormont Entertainment is on a mission to amplify Latinx voices, creating, and developing content and opportunities that inspire and empower. Their journey, fueled by passion, talent, and an unwavering commitment to change the narrative, is nothing short of extraordinary.

Richard Borjas, the CEO of Bormont Entertainment, is a name synonymous with excellence in the entertainment world. With a career spanning over a decade, Borjas has two Emmy Awards and five Emmy nominations to his name. His impressive resume includes executive producing and showrunning Roku's first-ever Spanish-language cooking show, "¡Que Delicioso!" and the groundbreaking "Red Table Talk: The Estefans" for Facebook Watch. Borjas's journey began at Telemundo and NBC, where he held various roles, including VP of Programming and Development, where he oversaw iconic shows like "The Kelly Clarkson Show" and "Access Hollywood." His vast experience covers unscripted reality shows, talk shows, news, and even food competitions and sports.

Frank Belmont, the visionary COO and Co-Founder of Bormont Entertainment embodies over two and a half decades of unparalleled expertise in the realms of direct sales, distribution, and business development. His incredible journey commenced as a dedicated educator at L'Oreal Professional, where he nurtured his innate talents. Swiftly, he ventured into dynamic Sales and Management roles within Fortune 500 giants such as Procter & Gamble and Unilever, where he honed his strategic prowess and forged a reputation for excellence.

Frank's unwavering commitment to creating extraordinary work environments and achieving unparalleled results is nothing short of inspiring. His customer-centric philosophy has been the driving force behind the meteoric rise of numerous brands, leaving an indelible mark on the industry landscape. Frank Belmont is a true luminary, an embodiment of success, and an inspiration to all who aspire to greatness in the world of business.

What sets Bormont Entertainment apart is its ability to transform creative ideas into successful formats. They possess a unique knack for customizing content to appeal to a broad audience while pinpointing storylines that resonate deeply with viewers. The secret to their success lies in their laser-focused approach to managing shows in the field, empowering production teams, and guiding talent. They partner with top-tier post-production companies to ensure that every story comes to life brilliantly.

Bormont Entertainment's portfolio showcases its commitment to excellence. Their projects include "¡Qué Delicioso!" on Roku Originals, "Red Table Talk: The Estefans" on Facebook Watch, "30 Days with: Anuel" on YouTube Originals, and their involvement with Telemundo Deportes in the FIFA World Cup 2022 Qatar. Their ability to navigate the diverse landscape of entertainment formats is a testament to their versatility and creative prowess.

One of Bormont Entertainment's superpowers is its unparalleled access, relationships, and negotiating skills within the entertainment world. Their strong connections with top producers and executives have allowed them to identify and develop the stars of tomorrow. Their talent roster includes industry luminaries like Stephanie 'Chiquibaby' Himonidis, Dr. Karent Sierra, Chef James, and Dr. Daniel Campos. These individuals have not only made their mark in the industry but also embody the spirit of Latinx excellence.

Bormont Entertainment's commitment goes beyond managing talents; they offer valuable advice and insights on various aspects of the entertainment industry. From selecting the right projects and pursuing endorsement deals to career elevation strategies, they are a trusted partner in every artist's journey. For those looking to refine their craft, Bormont Entertainment provides one-on-one coaching sessions that are both informative and empowering.

Bormont Entertainment is not just a company; it's a movement. They understand the importance of building a brand and have a profound belief in collaboration. Their alliances with key partners enhance the quality of content available on multiple platforms, making Latinx voices impossible to ignore. As the Latino economic output continues to grow by the trillions, Bormont Entertainment recognizes the immense potential of this market and strives to be a driving force in shaping its future.

Bormont Entertainment is a force to be reckoned with, a shining example of what can be achieved when passion, talent, and a relentless pursuit of creativity come together. In a world hungry for diversity and representation, they stand as champions of Latinx voices, pushing the boundaries of what is possible in the entertainment industry. Their journey is not just about entertainment; it's about empowerment, inspiration, and the relentless pursuit of excellence. As they continue to rise, we can only imagine the incredible impact they will have on the world of entertainment and beyond. Bormont Entertainment is more than a company; it's a movement, and it's here to stay.

In my interview with visionary Latinx leaders Richard Borjas and Frank Belmont Jr., I was privileged to witness their unwavering commitment to change the narrative, amplify Latinx voices, and push the boundaries of creativity and innovation in the entertainment industry. Their inspiring answers resonate as a testament to their passion, talent, and the profound impact they are making on the world. Their visionary leadership is a beacon of hope for a more inclusive and empowered future.

OLM: Bormont Entertainment is known for putting clients' needs at the forefront. Can you share a specific example of a time when this client-centric approach led to a remarkable success story?

BE: That’s a great question. We had a client who was having a hard time fine-tuning their brand identity. We had to take a deep dive approach to find out what were the real issues that were behind this customer’s “roadblock”. During our discovery process, we realized that there were many internal struggles between the owners that were preventing them from having a unified message. We helped them work through their challenges and created a great go-to-market strategy, and I’m happy to say they recently celebrated their second anniversary.

OLM: Richard, you have an impressive background in television production. How do you immerse yourselves in your clients' worlds to better understand their vision and goals, and how does this translate into creative content?

Richard: As I always say, “Content is King”. It’s vital to get that right to ensure a successful show. I ask poignant questions to the decision-makers to try and get “into their heads”. Since we are telling a story, it’s trying to find that balance of showing their vision on the screen while making sure that the content is captivating to the audience. I make sure all the departments are aligned, including the director, producers, and post-production. At the end of the day, this is a business, and you want the format to be successful, so it returns for the next season.

As it pertains to talent, it’s all about listening to what their long-term goals are and having the ability to recognize what projects they should and shouldn’t take. Being their mentor, their producer, their manager, and their friend. Push them to be the best host, chef, and expert they can be while staying true to their brand.

OLM: Frank, with your extensive experience in business development, what strategies do you employ to ensure that Bormont Entertainment not only meets but exceeds its client's expectations in the highly competitive entertainment industry?

Frank: The first thing I do is sit down with our clients and make sure I get a good understanding of their expectations from our services. I feel this helps tremendously with making sure we can provide realistic results to their vision. The next step, which I know might sound like a cliché, is doing a SWOT analysis of their business model. It’s a proven formula to help assess their business. After that, it’s an “all hands on deck” approach. It’s important for me that clients feel supported throughout the whole process of our intended goal.

OLM: Can you elaborate on the role of creativity and innovation in your work at Bormont Entertainment? How do you push the boundaries of creativity when developing new content?

BE: We recently developed a format for Spanish-language television, we didn’t reinvent the wheel, but we tried to create content that is relatable with twists that are innovative in the hopes of drawing in the coveted Young Audience (YA) but at the same time, create a show that allows for co-viewing opportunities in a household.

Another example is we were hired to do a food competition show for a streamer and instead of doing the traditional controversial and sometimes confrontational format, we chose to celebrate the differences among the contestant’s twists on their dishes. We created a format that allowed for the celebration of Latino cuisine and heritage.

OLM: Bormont Entertainment is known for developing talent and creating stars. Could you share a success story of talent development that stands out as particularly rewarding or memorable?

BE: We have a client who is an amazing doctor in the field of beauty and wellness. However, a few years ago they were just starting to get their foot in the door in the TV industry. Their dream was to be in front of the camera, but they didn’t know where to start. We recognized their raw talent helped with coaching and provided resources to hone their craft. Fast-forward, they currently have a residency on the #1 Spanish-language morning show and have written a few best-selling books.

OLM: Building a strong brand is essential for any business. What are some key elements of the strategic plans and brand guidelines you create for your clients, and how do these contribute to their success?

BE: Make sure that your brand identity aligns with your vision, How does your company, service, talent, and or product clear through the clutter? What makes it different from your competitor?, Branding helps cultivate customer loyalty and recognition, Attention to detail is everything! Consumers are very entuned with the most minute details, Relatability is key to being successful, and Your brand is a “living” entity. Make sure you follow the trends, so you don’t become stagnant. Don’t be afraid to reinvent your brand.

OLM: Richard, you've worked on a diverse range of shows, from cooking competitions to docu-series. How do you adapt to different formats, and what do you believe is the secret to producing compelling content across various genres?

Richard: Even though the content is different, at the core, it’s all the same. What I mean by that is from ideation to execution, your vision must be able to “translate” to something that viewers want to watch. The content needs to be engaging, the storyline needs to maintain people’s attention and lastly, it all has to come together in post-production. I know I’ve said it before, but it’s a group effort for a show to be a success.

OLM: Frank, you emphasize the importance of providing excellent customer care. Can you share a memorable experience where your dedication to customer care made a significant impact on a client or project?

Frank: I was working with a well-known beauty brand on a special project, and I was working very closely with their representative when her father passed away unexpectedly, she needed to travel out of the country immediately to tend to her family. Our event was time-sensitive, and it couldn’t be put on hold. I told her I’d step in and take care of everything. Thankfully, the event was a success, and she wrote me a beautiful “Thank you” letter, stating that she was eternally grateful and has become a huge fan and referral.

OLM: Bormont Entertainment has strong connections within the entertainment world. Can you discuss the role of relationships and networking in your industry and how they benefit your clients?

BE: With almost 27 years in the industry, Richard has had the opportunity to work with the largest and most influential networks in the Spanish and English-speaking markets. During that time, he’s forged great relationships with top executives, A+ talent, producers, agents, and brands. These connections have provided Bormont Entertainment with a wealth of resources we can tap into based on our client’s needs. These connections have helped us turn a potential “no” into a “yes.”

OLM: As experts in the field, what advice would you give to aspiring producers or individuals looking to break into the entertainment industry, especially in the context of the changing media landscape?

BE: Make sure to know your strengths and what talents you bring to the table. The media space is very congested with top-notch professionals. What makes you different from the rest? To make a change, recognize what’s a missed opportunity and how can you capitalize on it.

  • Authenticity, don’t be afraid to step outside of your comfort zone.

  • Internships, almost guarantee you a role

  • Mentorship, paying it forward.

  • Be prepared to wear many hats in your career. People are asked to do various roles, so you need to become very resourceful.

  • The entertainment industry is not a 9-5 job. You must realize you might have to put in long hours and put your career first. That might be a hard pill to swallow. Work-life balance can be hard to achieve, especially in a new environment.


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