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Self Help Graphics & Art Welcomes Visionary Leader Jennifer Cuevas as New Executive Director

In a realm where creativity knows no bounds, an organization has emerged as a guiding light, a haven of aspirations, and a canvas for unbridled self-expression over the span of fifty years. Self Help Graphics & Art, a pioneering powerhouse in the domain of Chicana/o and Latinx art, is joyfully commemorating its 50th anniversary—a testament to its unwavering influence on the artistic terrain, its empowerment of communities, and its nurturing of a heritage of boundless creativity. Additionally, with great enthusiasm, the Board of Directors proudly unveils the appointment of arts and culture luminary, Jennifer Cuevas, as the newest Executive Director.

Since its inception in 1973, Self Help Graphics & Art has illuminated the path for Chicana/o and Latinx artists, providing a sanctuary for them to authentically express their identities, cultures, and narratives through the vibrant medium of printmaking. Boasting a portfolio of over 2,000 art print editions, including more than 70 atelier projects and exhibitions that have traversed the globe, Self Help Graphics & Art has functioned as a conduit for voices that history often relegated to the periphery.

Yet, the heartbeat of Self Help Graphics & Art beats not only within the artworks it produces but also within the diverse programs it extends to its community. Rooted in its commitment to fostering artistic excellence, Self Help Graphics & Art offers a nurturing environment that transcends the mere act of creating art. It's a haven where emerging artists find a supportive home, where they access resources, tools, training, and the critical space to allow their creativity to flourish.

Central to Self Help Graphics & Art's mission is an unshakable dedication to community empowerment. This organization serves as more than just an artistic haven; it's a place where generations converge, bridging people from various backgrounds to honor their shared cultural heritage and collectively envision a more radiant future.

From workshops that kindle the flames of imagination in young minds to intergenerational programs that foster connections among artists of different eras, Self Help Graphics & Art serves as a dynamic hub where the past, present, and future harmoniously intersect through colors, forms, and narratives.

As Self Help Graphics & Art embarks on its golden jubilee, it joyfully embraces a new chapter under the leadership of Jennifer M. Cuevas, an arts and culture luminary who has been an integral part of the organization since 2017. With a wealth of experience in business development, strategic communications, and community engagement, Cuevas stands as a visionary poised to guide Self Help Graphics & Art into its next epoch of creativity and influence.

Cuevas' appointment as Executive Director arrives at a pivotal juncture for Self Help Graphics & Art as it embarks on a transformative capital renovation endeavor. This project will breathe life into a longstanding aspiration: a community cultural center and printmaking space, a vibrant hub for artistic expression, cultural exchange, and community advancement. Under Cuevas' stewardship, this aspiration is certain to materialize—a testament to the organization's enduring commitment to its mission.

The saga of Self Help Graphics & Art serves as a testament to the potency of creativity, community, and resilience. From modest beginnings to its emergence as a global force in the art realm, Self Help Graphics & Art Odyssey narrates a tale of ardor, determination, and an unwavering belief in art's potential to transform.

As the organization enters its 50th year, it does so infused with renewed purpose, ignited by the legacy it has built and the boundless horizons that await. With Jennifer M. Cuevas at the helm, Self Help Graphics & Art is primed to continue nurturing emerging artists, propelling communities forward, and shaping the artistic narrative for generations yet to come.

As we applaud Self Help Graphics & Art's incredible 50-year odyssey, let us also applaud the artists who have infused their souls into canvases, plates, and screens. Let us celebrate the communities that have found solace, inspiration, and unity within its embrace. And let us honor the boundless potential of art to metamorphose lives, challenge conventions, and forge pathways toward a more radiant, inclusive world. Together, let us stand united, kindled by the unwavering light that is Self Help Graphics & Art—a guiding star amidst the boundless realms of self-discovery and the profound bonds that tether us as humanity.


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