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SHEIN and Anitta Join Forces for Sustainable Fashion: Introducing evoluSHEIN x Anitta Collection

In a groundbreaking partnership, global e-retailer SHEIN has teamed up with pop sensation Anitta to launch the evoluSHEIN x Anitta collection, marking the first product collaboration under SHEIN's evoluSHEIN by Design initiative. With a commitment to sustainability, SHEIN aims to reduce the environmental impact of its products and embrace responsible manufacturing practices.

Anitta, known for her catchy tunes and passion for social causes, expressed her enthusiasm for SHEIN's sustainability efforts, stating, "I am happy that SHEIN is taking an important step in sustainability and its overall environmental impact. We all want to look great, while also respecting the planet and people."

The evoluSHEIN x Anitta collection showcases three key environmentally focused material programs that SHEIN has introduced over the past year. One notable initiative involves styles made from recycled polyester, supporting the shift away from virgin polyester and contributing to SHEIN's decarbonization strategy. By utilizing recycled materials, SHEIN takes a crucial step toward reducing waste and embracing a more circular fashion system.

Forest-safe viscose styles are another highlight of the collection, representing SHEIN's commitment to sourcing wood-derived fibers from suppliers that prioritize the protection of ancient forests. This approach ensures that the fashion industry can flourish without compromising vital ecosystems.

Additionally, the collection features limited-edition styles crafted from rescued textiles left over by other fashion brands. By creatively repurposing high-quality excess fabrics, SHEIN prevents them from ending up in landfills or incinerators, minimizing waste and contributing to a more sustainable fashion landscape.

All garments in the evoluSHEIN x Anitta collection adhere to the evoluSHEIN by Design Standard. This standard mandates that garments consist of at least 30% preferred materials and are manufactured by suppliers who have achieved high social and environmental compliance verification through third-party audits. Moreover, the collection's packaging is made with recycled content, reinforcing SHEIN's commitment to minimizing waste across all aspects of its operations.

Caitrin Watson, Director of Sustainability at SHEIN, explains, "evoluSHEIN by Design supports a more circular system that mitigates textile waste and reduces the consumption of new raw materials. We aim to continue reducing the environmental impact of our products while collaborating with other industry leaders to propel the circular textile economy forward." The launch of the evoluSHEIN x Anitta collection provides an opportunity to engage customers and promote alternative and informed fashion choices.

As SHEIN strives to create a desirable fashion future that is accessible to all, the evoluSHEIN by Design initiative aligns with the company's positive impact priorities. These include responsible product sourcing, optimizing resource efficiency, promoting circularity, and improving lives in communities worldwide. SHEIN's holistic approach to addressing critical social and environmental challenges within the fashion industry is outlined in the evoluSHEIN Roadmap.

By partnering with Anitta, SHEIN emphasizes its dedication to sustainability while captivating its global following of fashion enthusiasts. Together, they inspire customers to make conscious choices, encouraging a shift towards a more environmentally friendly and responsible fashion industry.

As the United States heads towards a multicultural majority, driven by the vibrant and dynamic Latino community, a cultural and demographic transformation is underway. With Latinos making up nearly 20% of the population, their influence and impact cannot be ignored. The Latino population has experienced remarkable growth of 23% over the past decade, surpassing the overall population growth of 7%. This rising demographic not only represents diversity but also possesses significant economic power, which holds profound implications for companies and brands like SHEIN.

In the face of this cultural shift, SHEIN's collaboration with Anitta and the launch of the evoluSHEIN x Anitta collection serve as a pivotal moment in the company's journey towards a more sustainable future. By embracing bold initiatives and forging influential partnerships, SHEIN sets an inspiring example for the fashion industry as a whole. It showcases that style and sustainability can indeed go hand in hand, meeting the demands and desires of a multicultural society.

As SHEIN recognizes the power and potential of the Latino community, it acknowledges the need to adapt and evolve to meet the expectations of this diverse customer base. By prioritizing sustainability and responsible manufacturing practices, SHEIN not only aligns with the values of its Latino consumers but also positions itself as a leader in the industry. It demonstrates a genuine commitment to creating fashion that is both stylish and environmentally conscious.

The influence of Latinos in shaping the cultural landscape of the United States is undeniable. With their rich heritage, vibrant traditions, and a strong sense of identity, Latinos bring a unique perspective and energy to the nation's social fabric. Their growing population and economic clout demand attention and inclusion. Companies and brands that recognize this, like SHEIN, have the opportunity to thrive by engaging and catering to the needs and desires of this influential community.

As SHEIN embarks on its evoluSHEIN journey, the company sets an inspiring precedent for the fashion industry as it navigates this era of multiculturalism. By embracing diversity, sustainability, and collaboration, SHEIN demonstrates that success lies in understanding and embracing the rich tapestry of cultures that comprise the United States. This milestone collaboration with Anitta and the launch of the evoluSHEIN x Anitta collection reflect SHEIN's commitment to progress and its recognition of the power and potential of a multicultural majority.

In this multicultural future, the voices and aspirations of Latinos will continue to shape and redefine society, inspiring companies like SHEIN to pursue innovation, inclusivity, and sustainability. Together, we can build a fashion industry that celebrates diversity, empowers communities, and sets the stage for a brighter and more harmonious future.


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