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Sofía Vergara and Cantabria Labs: Igniting a New Era of Beauty and Empowerment!

Sofía Vergara, the epitome of talent, beauty, and business acumen, is once again breaking barriers and blazing trails in the world of beauty. Teaming up with Cantabria Labs, the unrivaled leader in dermatological recommendations, Sofía is poised to unleash a groundbreaking range of beauty products that will revolutionize the industry. With her unstoppable drive and unwavering determination, Sofía is partnering with Chris Salgardo, the visionary Chief Executive Officer of the joint venture, to bring forth a collection that will captivate the senses and redefine beauty standards. Brace yourselves, for Sofía Vergara is about to unleash her formidable magic upon the world of cosmetics, and we can only expect nothing short of absolute brilliance!

Sofía Vergara, known for her incredible talent on the screen, is also recognized as a global entrepreneur and successful businesswoman. Her decision to embark on this project with Cantabria Labs was not only driven by her admiration for the company's scientifically endorsed cosmetics but also by her personal experience as a loyal customer. The mutual understanding and admiration between the actress and the laboratory made this partnership a natural fit.

The initial spark for this remarkable venture occurred when Sofía visited Cantabria Labs' state-of-the-art research and production facilities in Cantabria, Spain, in October 2019. These facilities have recently been honored for their eco-sustainability and innovative approach to developing cosmetic products and medicines. It was during this visit that the idea for the upcoming project took hold, and now, it is on the verge of becoming a reality.

Juan Matji, the president of Cantabria Labs, expressed his satisfaction with the partnership, stating, "The relationship between Cantabria Labs and Sofia Vergara dates back some time, and mutual understanding and admiration have always been our common starting point. We are thrilled to launch this partnership, merging science, experience, and effective products with the knowledge and expertise of Sofía Vergara." To lead this groundbreaking project, Chris Salgardo, a former executive at L'Oréal with over 30 years of experience in developing cosmetic brands, was chosen, ensuring its success.

While Cantabria Labs had already established a successful presence in the US market with its HELIOCARE ORAL product, the launch of this new skincare line will mark a significant leap forward in the development, production, and export of the company's cosmeceutical products. Cantabria Labs' mission has always been to improve people's health and quality of life, allowing them to fully enjoy and celebrate life itself.

The upcoming beauty line, named "Toty," boasts a range of exceptional products formulated with the revolutionary PLE FernBoost Technology. This proprietary antioxidant complex, extracted from the Polypodium leucotomos fern, has been clinically proven to support skin health and enhance protection against sun damage. Additionally, Toty's tinted products feature an innovative color-coating mineral filter system that combines pigments with titanium dioxide, offering full spectrum protection while employing skin-mimetic color technology for tone-adapting shade matching.

The Toty collection includes essential products such as the Ilumina CC Cream SPF 50+ Perfecting Fluid available in 15 shades, the Ilumina CC Creamy Compact + Refill SPF 50+ available in 15 shades, the Solaria Mineral Antioxidant Sunscreen Serum SPF 50+, the Solaria Infusion Antioxidant Booster in convenient sachets, and the Ilumina Perfecting Foundation Brush. These products are designed to cater to the diverse needs of individuals seeking effective skincare solutions.

Excitingly, Toty is now available for purchase starting June 22 on the brand's official website. This highly anticipated launch will undoubtedly captivate beauty enthusiasts worldwide, as Sofía Vergara and Cantabria Labs bring together their expertise, innovation, and passion to deliver a truly exceptional beauty range.

In a world that often tries to box us into predefined roles, Sofía Vergara's partnership with Cantabria Labs stands as a shining testament to the limitless possibilities that arise when passion, determination, and innovation intertwine. With each step she takes, she paves the way for others to embrace their entrepreneurial spirit and embark on daring ventures of their own. So let us raise our glasses and eagerly anticipate the arrival of Toty, a testament to the power of collaboration and the beauty that lies within every one of us. Together, let us celebrate life and the boundless potential that resides within us all. Get ready, for a new era of beauty is about to be unveiled by the remarkable duo of Sofía Vergara and Cantabria Labs. Cheers to the magic that awaits us all!


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