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Willy Chavarria and Pacsun's Latin Heritage Month Capsule Collection Supports Fresno Barrios Unidos

In a vibrant celebration of Latin Heritage Month, Pacsun, the leading specialty retailer known for its connection to youth culture and emerging fashion, teamed up with the illustrious fashion designer, Willy Chavarria, to create an exclusive capsule collection. The collaboration, aptly named "BIG WILLY by Willy Chavarria," marked a milestone in the fashion world, as it not only brought together two creative powerhouses but also paid homage to Latinx culture while supporting a worthy cause.

Willy Chavarria, a native of California, has long been revered for his conceptual approach to fashion. His designs have always transcended mere clothing; they are statements of empowerment and self-expression. With a cinematic flair, Chavarria's collections weave together drama, excitement, and even humor through an ingenious interplay of color, silhouette, and fabric. However, what truly sets him apart is his unwavering commitment to social justice causes, a trait that shines brightly in his collaboration with Pacsun.

On that momentous day, September 22, 2023, "BIG WILLY by Willy Chavarria" made its dazzling debut, capturing the world's attention as it emerged exclusively in Pacsun stores and online. This remarkable 12-piece collection, featuring a versatile array of unisex tees and hoodies, not only radiates Chavarria's unmistakable style but also serves as a living testament to his deep-rooted Latinx heritage. Moreover, the collection's accessible pricing, with tees priced at just $40.00 and hoodies at $85.00, ensured that it became a fashion statement accessible to all, embodying the essence of inclusivity and empowerment.

Chavarria's words on this collaboration resonate deeply: "Chicano style has had a tremendous influence on fashion from street style to the runways. BIG WILLY launches with key style pieces like boxy tees and cozy hoodies that come with the flavor. It's exciting to launch this concept at Pacsun and reach a broader audience for my brand." His collection, now within arm's reach for many, reflects his belief that fashion should be inclusive and universal.

Moreover, it's not just about fashion; it's about making a positive impact. With each purchase from the "BIG WILLY" collection, customers contribute to Fresno Barrios Unidos, a non-profit organization rooted in Fresno, California – Chavarria's hometown. This organization, close to the designer's heart, has been dedicated to guiding young people towards a brighter future, steering them away from the clutches of gangs and towards more constructive life choices. Chavarria's commitment to his roots and the well-being of his community shines through this charitable partnership.

Brie Olson, CEO of Pacsun, expressed her excitement about the collaboration, stating, "This collaboration continues Pacsun's longstanding history of working with creative visionaries at the forefront of creating designs that capture where fashion, music, art, and youth culture converge. Both his unapologetic stand on human rights, visionary approach to design, and California roots make Willy a natural partner for Pacsun."

In alignment with Chavarria's mission to use his creativity to uplift youth programs and celebrate Hispanic culture, a portion of the collection's proceeds will support Fresno Barrios Unidos. Alex Zubia, the Executive Director of Fresno Barrios Unidos, lauded the collaboration, saying, "Willy Chavarria is an example of what it means to be built with love and rooted in culture. We are incredibly grateful to be considered for this project. Beyond financial gains, witnessing a dreamer's vision come true remains invaluable to our youth, in a place where hope is often scarce."

Richard Cox, VP of Men's and Global Partnerships at Pacsun, added, "At Pacsun, we believe that great design should reflect diverse creative perspectives. This new collection with Willy Chavarria, a true legend in the fashion industry, has been an incredible opportunity for us to authentically embrace Hispanic culture and draw inspiration from its rich traditions."

In a world where fashion often seems distant and exclusive, "BIG WILLY by Willy Chavarria" stands as a beacon of inclusivity, reminding us that fashion is a universal language that can be spoken by all. It's an embodiment of Chavarria's vision of fashion as a tool for empowerment, self-expression, and social change.

As the collection becomes available online at and in Pacsun stores nationwide, it offers a chance for everyone to become a part of this inspiring journey. The fusion of art, culture, and philanthropy in "BIG WILLY by Willy Chavarria" is a testament to the transformative power of fashion – a medium that transcends mere fabric and threads to touch hearts and change lives. It's a celebration of Latinx heritage, a commitment to social justice, and a reminder that when we come together, we can make a difference.


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