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¡DÍOS MIO! COFFEE: Sip the Spirit of Colombia with Sofía Vergara's Flavorful New Brew!

In the universal language of coffee, a new brand is brewing excitement, celebrating the heart of Colombia and the power of its women: ¡DÍOS MIO! COFFEE. This vibrant new line, spearheaded by Emmy and Golden Globe-nominated actress, producer, entrepreneur, and proud Colombian Sofía Vergara, promises to bring the rich traditions and irresistible flavors of Colombian coffee into every cup. Now available on, ¡DÍOS MIO! COFFEE is a delightful tribute to Vergara’s heritage.

Originating from the lush mountains of Colombia, where coffee is more than just a beverage, ¡DÍOS MIO! COFFEE delivers the passion and authenticity of the region in every sip. The brand name, translating to "My God!", perfectly captures the quintessential Latino expression of joy and surprise when discovering something truly exceptional.

Sofía Vergara, a self-proclaimed coffee connoisseur, shares her deep-rooted connection to Colombian coffee: "¡DÍOS MIO! COFFEE comes from my love of Colombian coffee and my high standards for quality. I grew up in Colombia, drinking Colombian coffee," she says.

Empowering Female Coffee Growers

One of the standout aspects of ¡DÍOS MIO! COFFEE is its commitment to highlighting the contributions of female coffee growers. Women represent 30% of Colombian coffee growers, and this brand is a tribute to their hard work, dedication, and the legacy they build every day. "We have spent the last few years creating these blends with an amazing team of female coffee growers behind us. It's an honor to highlight their families and legacies through ¡DÍOS MIO! COFFEE," says Vergara.

To ensure the highest quality, ¡DÍOS MIO! COFFEE has partnered with the Federación Nacional de Cafeteros (The National Federation of Coffee Growers - FNC), Colombia's most important coffee institution. This collaboration guarantees that every bean meets the exceptional standards that Colombian coffee is known for.

A Symphony of Flavors

¡DÍOS MIO! COFFEE presents three premium blends, each paying homage to the qualities and characteristics of Colombian women. The "Sweetness" blend, or Dulzura, is a light roast that captures the warmth and affection of a grandmother's hug. This smooth, fruity cup features a delightful sweetness with a hint of acidity, reflecting the love and dedication invested in every step of the coffee-growing process. The "Balance" blend offers a medium roast with a rich aroma and flavor, including notes of nuts, white chocolate, and brown sugar. It embodies the grace and resilience of Colombian women who skillfully balance work, family, and their passion for coffee. This harmonious blend mirrors their multifaceted lives. Lastly, the "Strength" blend, or Fuerza, draws inspiration from the strength of Colombian women in coffee farming. This dark roast symbolizes their energy and determination, delivering a strong coffee flavor with cocoa hints and smoky notes. Each sip is a powerful reminder of their fortitude.

¡DÍOS MIO! COFFEE is not just a brand; it's a celebration of Colombian heritage and the incredible women behind its cultivation. By sharing this coffee with a global audience, Sofía Vergara honors the tireless efforts of female coffee growers and proudly highlights their families and legacies.

Available now on and at, ¡DÍOS MIO! COFFEE invites coffee lovers everywhere to experience the best of Colombia in every sip. Celebrate culture, passion, and the incredible journey from bean to cup with every sip.


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