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Discover Puerto Rico Elevates Its 'Live Boricua' Brand, Inviting the World to Embrace the Island's Heart

Photo: Courtesy of Discover Puerto Rico, Dancing at La Factoria

In an era where many travel experiences merely skim the surface of a place's genuine character, Discover Puerto Rico, the island's dedicated destination marketing organization (DMO), reveals a significant advancement in its marketing approach through the revitalized 'Live Boricua campaign. Debuted to widespread praise in 2022, the initiative now ventures further, inviting travelers to do more than just visit Puerto Rico; it encourages them to delve into the island's dynamic culture, storied past, and the vibrant essence of its inhabitants—the Boricuas.

At its core, 'Live Boricua' transcends the conventional travel narrative. This isn't merely a call to visit; it's an invitation to weave oneself into the fabric of Puerto Rico, experiencing the island as locals do. Directed by Puerto Rican Luis Gerard and captured through the lens of photographer Stephanie Segarra, the campaign is a celebration of authenticity, brought to life by an all-Puerto Rican talent and crew. It spotlights the island's breathtaking landscapes, from the lush trails of El Yunque to the sandy shores of Luquillo Beach, and delves into its rich culinary scene with experiences like dining alongside renowned chef Mario Pagan in Condado.

Photo: Courtesy of Discover Puerto Rico, Food from Puerto Rican chef Mario Pagan in Condado.

Since its inception, 'Live Boricua' has not only captured the hearts and imaginations of travelers worldwide but has also been a driving force behind a tourism boom on the island, contributing to a record $9.8 billion in tourism revenue in 2023. "The 'Live Boricua' campaign has generated more than 625,000 trips to the island and influenced over $2 billion in visitor spending," shares Leah Chandler, Chief Marketing Officer for Discover Puerto Rico. This success is a testament to the campaign's resonance, sparking a movement that encourages visitors to explore more deeply and connect more meaningfully with the island's culture.

The campaign is rooted in the concept of 'Boricua,' a term that encompasses the pride, spirit, and essence of being Puerto Rican. It's an invitation to experience life the Boricua way—through dance, music, gastronomy, and more. "Live Boricua is a state of mind, a celebration of what makes our island unique," says Luis Gerard. This distinct approach to storytelling not only showcases the island's natural beauty and cultural richness but also emphasizes the importance of community and the sharing of authentic experiences.

What sets this campaign apart is its focus on local voices. Puerto Ricans, the true heart of the island, extend a warm welcome to visitors, sharing their home's beauty, culture, and vibrant way of life. It's a narrative that shifts the conversation about travel, highlighting its impact on local communities and cultures.

As 'Live Boricua' unfolds across TV, digital, and social platforms, it invites the world to share in #LiveBoricua moments, creating a tapestry of stories that reflect the soul of Puerto Rico. Behind-the-scenes glimpses and ongoing activations further enrich this narrative, offering a window into the passion and creativity that drive this campaign.

Reflecting on the journey of crafting the campaign, Adriana Rivera, Multimedia Director for Discover Puerto Rico, captures the essence of the experience: "The energy was inspiring... proud to showcase what it means to 'Live Boricua.'" This heartfelt reflection embodies the core of the initiative—a unified endeavor that not only shines a light on Puerto Rico's myriad wonders but also honors its soul, warmly inviting people from every corner of the world to immerse themselves in the Boricua way of life.


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