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Embracing the Beauty of Diversity: Dove's #MyHairAMiModo Campaign

In a world where conformity often threatens to unravel the threads of individuality, Dove shines as an unwavering source of empowerment, poised to redefine the very essence of beauty expectations. With resounding courage and unwavering determination, Dove's #MyHairAMiModo campaign ignites a powerful call to arms against the relentless forces that seek to sculpt women's locks into the rigid mold of societal norms. Startling revelations from Dove's research lay bare a stark truth: a staggering 9 out of 10 women grapple with the weight of these expectations, a struggle that reaches into the rich tapestry of Latina hair diversity. Today, Dove unveils its #MyHairAMiModo initiative, a bold collaboration between Dove and Latina community advocates, embarking on an unyielding quest to challenge the prevailing norms of beauty. In this campaign, they elevate the magnificent array of hair textures and narratives that grace the heart of the Latina community, declaring unequivocally that each strand is a work of art unto itself.

To kick off this inspiring campaign, Dove has joined forces with Li Saumet, the lead singer of the renowned band Bomba Estéreo, to re-record their iconic hit song, "Soy Yo." This updated version carries a powerful message of hair self-expression, encouraging Latinas of all generations to embrace their unique hair as a symbol of their individuality. Bérengère Loubatier, Dove Hair Global Vice President, emphasizes the brand's commitment to redefining beauty standards: "For more than 20 years, Dove has been dedicated to reshaping narrow beauty ideals, ensuring that women and girls find happiness, not anxiety, in their beauty, including their relationship with their hair."

In addition to the revamped anthem, Dove is unveiling a compelling music video featuring Bomba Estéreo and Sarai Gonzalez, the young star from the original "Soy Yo" video. This video is a celebration of hair diversity, self-acceptance, and the beauty of being true to oneself. Through this campaign, Dove aims to amplify the voices and stories of Latinas who proudly wear their hair their way, sharing their experiences and encouraging others to do the same.

Latinas and allies alike are invited to join the #MyHairAMiModo conversation on TikTok, sharing their hair stories and using the hashtags #MyHairAMiModo and @Dove. Li Saumet of Bomba Estéreo expresses her connection to the campaign: "The #MyHairAMiModo campaign and our collaboration with Dove are very much what Bomba Estéreo is about. The updated verses are about being genuine, being original, and above all else, accepting and celebrating yourself as you are."

Dove recognizes that true change requires more than just catchy tunes and stunning visuals. They have partnered with Christine Gutierrez, a prominent Latina self-esteem expert, and Ona Diaz-Santin, a renowned hairstylist known for championing hair self-expression within the community. Together, they are hosting the #MyHairAMiModo Masterclass at Ona's salon, aimed at equipping hair stylists with actionable tools to challenge hair stereotypes and spread hair positivity in their salons and communities nationwide.

This initiative builds upon Dove's Love Your Hair collection, introduced earlier this year, which was designed to make personalized hair care accessible to a wide range of hair textures, types, lengths, and colors. Its mission is to empower women to embrace their unique hair and proudly wear it their way.

Join Dove in celebrating the beauty of all hair and saying "no" to limiting societal expectations. Let's come together to say a resounding "yes" to #MyHairAMiModo. This empowering campaign is a testament to Dove's commitment to redefining beauty standards, promoting self-expression, and empowering women and girls to love and celebrate their hair, just the way it is.

To learn more about this transformative campaign, visit Together, we can inspire positive change and create a world where every Latina can proudly wear her hair her way. Embrace the beauty of diversity with Dove's #MyHairAMiModo campaign, because every strand tells a unique story, and it's time to let those stories shine.


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