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Empowering Hispanic Entrepreneurs: PepsiCo's Greenhouse Accelerator Program Returns

Visuals Courtesy of PepsiCo, PepsiCo unveils the second installment of its Greenhouse Accelerator Program: Juntos Crecemos Edition

In the dynamic landscape of the food and beverage industry, innovation isn't just a buzzword; it's a necessity. Recognizing the untapped potential within Hispanic-owned startups, PepsiCo is once again opening the doors to its Greenhouse Accelerator Program: Juntos Crecemos Edition. This collaborative initiative is not just about providing funding; it's about fostering a community of innovation and sustainability that empowers entrepreneurs to thrive.

Hispanic-owned businesses contribute significantly to the U.S. economy, generating a staggering $800 billion annually. However, despite this economic impact, many face barriers to accessing crucial resources. The Greenhouse Accelerator Program aims to bridge this gap by providing aspiring entrepreneurs with the tools and support needed to scale their ventures.

Esperanza Teasdale, Vice President and General Manager of PepsiCo Beverages North America's Hispanic Business Unit, emphasizes the reciprocal exchange of learning that defines the program. Mentors provide invaluable advice, while mentees bring fresh perspectives and ideas to the table. It's this cross-pollination of knowledge that drives innovation within PepsiCo and the industry as a whole.

The program offers more than just financial assistance. Selected businesses receive a $20,000 grant and embark on a five-month mentorship journey tailored to address their specific challenges. From brand development to go-to-market strategy, participants receive guidance from industry experts every step of the way.

Antonio Escalona, Senior Vice President and General Manager of PepsiCo Foods North America's Hispanic Business Unit, highlights the company's commitment to meeting the evolving demands of consumers. By empowering Hispanic-owned startups, PepsiCo aims to shape the future of food and beverage with creativity, ingenuity, and dedication.

The success stories from the program speak volumes. Daniel Schwarz, CEO of CHUZA, a Mexican-inspired snack company and winner of the inaugural mentorship program, used the grant and expertise gained to elevate his brand's presence globally. Through expanded branding and marketing efforts, CHUZA has garnered widespread recognition, paving the way for future innovations.

Daniel's testimony serves as a testament to the program's impact. By providing strategic support and resources, PepsiCo is not only transforming individual businesses but also driving industry-wide change. His message to fellow Hispanic entrepreneurs is clear: seize this opportunity to make a meaningful impact on your business and the industry at large.

The journey doesn't end with the mentorship program. Finalists from previous cohorts, including Daniel, will share their experiences at Natural Products Expo West, a leading trade show in the natural and organic product industry. It's a chance to inspire others and showcase the transformative power of the program.

Since its inception in 2018, the Greenhouse Accelerator Program has continued to grow and evolve. Now in its ninth iteration, the program embodies PepsiCo's commitment to fostering entrepreneurial growth and uplifting a diverse range of suppliers. With each edition, the company reaffirms its dedication to creating a more inclusive and sustainable future for the industry.

As the application window opens for the Juntos Crecemos Edition, aspiring entrepreneurs have the opportunity to join this transformative journey. Whether you're a visionary with a groundbreaking idea or a seasoned entrepreneur looking to take your business to new heights, PepsiCo's Greenhouse Accelerator Program is ready to help you turn your dreams into reality.

Innovation knows no bounds, and with PepsiCo's support, the next generation of Hispanic-owned startups is poised to revolutionize the food and beverage industry. Don't miss your chance to be part of this extraordinary journey. Apply now and together, let's grow towards a brighter, more sustainable future.


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