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Empowering Women Worldwide: Eva Longoria Joins Forces with Hard Rock International for Groundbreaking 'WE ARE' Initiative

Photo: Courtesy of Hard Rock International, Hard Rock's Exclusive 'WE ARE' International Women's Month Tee Now Available at Select Stores and Online in Rock Shop.

In the rhythm of March, Hard Rock International is turning up the volume on empowerment with its newest initiative, "WE ARE," in celebration of International Women's Month. Teaming up with Latinx powerhouse director, actress, and activist Eva Longoria, Hard Rock is set to honor women worldwide through a series of performances, special amenities, and charity partnerships that resonate with the beats of change and progress.

At the heart of the "WE ARE" campaign lies a commitment to championing women's health and empowerment. Hard Rock International, renowned for its global presence in entertainment and hospitality, is leveraging its platform to uplift women's narratives and advocate for critical issues. With nearly 1,000 performances by talented female musicians scheduled across its Cafe, Hotel, and Casino locations throughout March, the initiative promises to create an inspiring symphony of voices, celebrating the strength and resilience of women everywhere.

Elena Alvarez, Senior Vice President of Marketing and Partnerships at Seminole Gaming and Hard Rock International, expressed the company's excitement about collaborating with Latinx powerhouse Eva Longoria, a prominent advocate for women's rights. Together, they aim to bring the "WE ARE" initiative to life in innovative ways, offering guests opportunities to celebrate women while supporting important organizations like the Global Gift Foundation and Magee Women's Research Institute.

Longoria, equally enthusiastic about the partnership, highlighted the importance of supporting women's health, rights, and societal issues year-round. She emphasized the transformative power of empowering women, not just for individuals but for entire communities, echoing the sentiment that by helping women, we build strong families and powerful communities.

One notable aspect of the collaboration is the creation of the glamorous Pink Lace Margarita, a limited-time cocktail crafted by Hard Rock Cafe mixologists featuring Casa Del Sol, the luxury tequila brand co-founded by Eva Longoria. Available at select Hard Rock Cafe locations, a portion of proceeds from the Pink Lace Margarita will support women's health initiatives championed by the Magee-Womens Research Institute and the Global Gift Foundation.

Hard Rock Cafes are set to become stages for amplifying women's voices, hosting a series of concerts featuring all-female-led performances by renowned and emerging artists. Collaborating with Women Who Rock, these events aim to showcase the diverse talent of women in the music industry while raising awareness and funds for women's causes.

In addition to musical performances, Hard Rock Cafes will tantalize taste buds with a special limited-time menu featuring delicious dishes like Spring Pasta, Mahi Burger, Berry Salad, Coconut Almond Sundae, and the refreshing Run the World cocktail. Guests can also show their support by purchasing the official International Women's Month "WE ARE" t-shirt, available both in select stores and online at Rock Shop.

Hard Rock Hotels will also be joining the chorus of empowerment, featuring hundreds of performances by female artists and DJs at participating locations worldwide. In addition to live entertainment, guests can immerse themselves in the sounds of influential women artists through curated playlists and vinyl collections available through the "Sound of Your Stay" and Wax programs.

Throughout March and April, Hard Rock Hotels will showcase select memorabilia honoring iconic artists who have made significant contributions to women's rights, paying tribute to trailblazers like Aretha Franklin, Madonna, and Janet Jackson. Guests can also indulge in unique experiences like borrowing a Gibson custom-wrapped "WE ARE" guitar for in-room jam sessions.

As Hard Rock International raises its voice in solidarity with women worldwide, the "WE ARE" initiative serves as a powerful reminder of the importance of unity, empowerment, and advocacy. Through music, cuisine, and activism, Hard Rock invites us all to join the chorus of change, amplifying the voices of women and celebrating their invaluable contributions to society.

If you are ready to join the movement and celebrate Women's History Month, visit for the full Hard Rock International Women's Month performance schedule and more information on how you can support Hard Rock's mission of empowerment and inclusion. Together, let's rock the world with our collective strength and resilience. WE ARE unstoppable.


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