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Raising a Glass to Spirited Women: Maker's Mark Bourbon Honors Women's History Month

Photo: Courtesy of Maker's Mark

In a world where every sip of bourbon tells a story, Maker's Mark Bourbon is adding a new chapter by celebrating the spirited women who shape our lives. In a groundbreaking partnership with Vital Voices, a leading nonprofit supporting female leaders worldwide, Maker's Mark introduces a limited-edition label designed by acclaimed artist Gayle Kabaker. This collaboration is not just about crafting exceptional bourbon; it's about recognizing the exceptional women who inspire us every day.

"At Maker's Mark, we believe in the power of women to drive positive change," says Rob Samuels, Managing Director of Maker's Mark and 8th-generation whisky maker. "Our legacy, deeply rooted in the vision of my grandmother Margie Samuels, is a testament to the impact of women in shaping our brand and the industry as a whole."

Margie Samuels, a pioneer in the world of bourbon, played a pivotal role in defining Maker's Mark's iconic identity. While her husband, Bill Samuels, Sr., focused on perfecting the bourbon itself, Margie brought her creative genius to branding and marketing. From the distinctive bottle shape to the signature red wax seal, Margie's influence is indelibly etched into Maker's Mark's DNA. As one of the first women inducted into the Kentucky Bourbon Hall of Fame, Margie's legacy continues to inspire women in the industry and beyond.

Photo: Courtesy of Maker's Mark

The limited-edition label, a collaboration between Maker's Mark and artist Gayle Kabaker, is a tribute to spirited women everywhere. Inspired by the vibrant wildflowers of Kentucky and the rich hues of Maker's Mark's palette, Kabaker's artwork captures the essence of empowerment and resilience. Each personalized label is an ode to the women who shape our lives, inviting consumers to honor their own personal heroines.

"Vital Voices is honored to partner with Maker's Mark in celebrating the power of women," says Alyse Nelson, President and CEO of Vital Voices. "This collaboration not only highlights the achievements of women leaders but also supports Vital Voices' mission to advance women's rights and opportunities globally."

The spirit of collaboration and empowerment extends beyond the label itself. Maker's Mark continues to champion women's voices through initiatives like the personalized label program, allowing consumers to create custom gifts that celebrate the women in their lives. From product development to sustainability efforts, women play a vital role in every aspect of Maker's Mark's operations, ensuring that the brand remains true to its heritage while embracing innovation and progress.

As we raise our glasses to toast Women's History Month, let us also raise awareness of the ongoing fight for gender equality. Maker's Mark's partnership with Vital Voices serves as a powerful reminder that the spirit of empowerment knows no bounds. Together, we can inspire change and create a more inclusive world for future generations.

So, here's to the spirited women who inspire us to dream, to innovate, and to make a difference. Cheers to Margie Samuels, to Vital Voices, to Gayle Kabaker, and to all the remarkable women who shape our world. May we continue to celebrate their achievements and empower them to reach even greater heights.


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