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Uniting Vision and Community: Dallas, TX Hosts Its First Community Collective Gathering with Esteemed Leader, The Oak Cliff's Queen Amanda Moreno-Lake

Pictures: Courtesy of Moreno Lake Urban Redevelopment, Danny Campbell Photography

On the evening of Wednesday, March 6th, 2024, Dallas, Texas, hosted an unforgettable community gathering that marked the beginning of Women's History Month with grandeur and significance. The Community Collective Gathering, a collaborative effort between Moreno Lake Urban Redevelopment and Our Latinx Magazine, transformed Dallas into the heart of cultural celebration, embodying the essence of unity, achievement, and the resilient spirit of the Latinx community in North Texas.

This significant occasion represented the culmination of diverse cultures, perspectives, and dreams. It sparked a collective aspiration for a future beyond the confines of North Texas, aiming to create a unified and progressive society. The active participation of every attendee turned this community gathering into a melting pot of memorable moments and historical importance, establishing it as a milestone in community gatherings.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to everyone whose presence added vibrancy and warmth to the community gathering. The unity and diversity displayed by the participants were a testament to our core mission of fostering a supportive and thriving community. Special recognition goes to notable individuals including Mayor Pro Tem Lopez, Councilman Del Bosque, Assistant City Manager Mr. Hodges, City of Grand Prairie representatives, former Dallas City Councilwoman Monica Alonzo, and the Greater Dallas Hispanic Chamber of Commerce for their invaluable support.

The Community Collective Gathering paid tribute to Amanda Moreno-Lake, a revered Latina figure, entrepreneur, community advocate, and philanthropist, known affectionately as The Queen of Oak Cliff. Amanda's dedication to her community has inspired many across North Texas and beyond. Her example of resilience, leadership, and grace shines as a ray of hope and transformation within our Latinx community. The evening was highlighted by an engaging conversation and Q&A with Amanda, sparking creativity, inspiration, and progressive opportunity in North Texas.

"If they don't offer you a seat at the table, bring a folding chair"

Amanda shared her journey from humble beginnings to creating opportunities in North Texas, offering advice to those daring to chase their dreams and face rejection with courage. She advised, "If they don't offer you a seat at the table, bring a folding chair," among other inspirational thoughts. Amanda also explored the avenues she has opened for business owners, startups, and entrepreneurs through her initiatives at Moreno Lake Urban Redevelopment and Jim Lake Companies.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to our supporting sponsors, whose dedication to our community's cultural heritage played a pivotal role in bringing this community gathering to life and setting the stage for future initiatives. The event was enriched by award-winning wine tastings courtesy of Los Pinos Ranch Vineyards, Starbucks' commitment to celebrating the small joys and fostering warm, shared experiences in honor of Latinx culture, and the mesmerizing performances by Cuban artist Idania Hernandez, which added a layer of vibrancy to the occasion.

We encourage everyone to stay connected by subscribing to our newsletter for insights into Latinx culture and future events. The Community Collective Gathering symbolizes inclusive progress, fostering meaningful conversations and collaborative efforts for progressive impactful change.

Looking forward, we are motivated by the potential of our collective actions. Let us continue to promote unity and inspiration, gradually transforming our community into a symbol of change and achievement. To our esteemed guests, partners, and the wider community, your enthusiasm and dedication to our collective vision have been crucial. Together, we are not just observers of history; we are its creators.

We eagerly await more opportunities to celebrate our joint successes, envisioning a future characterized by unity, respect, and communal victories. North Texas, let us move forward with enthusiasm, commitment, and confidence in our community's strength. Together, we can forge a remarkable legacy, demonstrating the power of unity and collaboration in fostering innovation, action, and a future that reflects our collective determination and vision.


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