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A Decade of Empowerment: The Women's Health Awareness 2024 Conference

Visuals: Courtesy of Women's Health Awareness

In the heart of North Carolina, a bastion of optimism, education, and empowerment shines brightly for women and communities of color. The Women's Health Awareness (WHA) 2024 Conference, celebrated for its unwavering commitment to enhancing health and wellbeing, marks a significant milestone this year. As the conference approaches its tenth anniversary, the conference stands as a testament to a decade of progress, resilience, and community solidarity.

Scheduled for Saturday, April 13, from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., the WHA Conference opens its doors to all, free of charge, at Hillside High School in Durham, North Carolina. This annual event is not just a conference; it's a life-changing experience that offers comprehensive health screenings, vital services, and an array of educational sessions tailored to address the specific health concerns of women and communities of color.

This year's conference is designed to engage, inform, and inspire, health experts presenting up-to-date information across a variety of crucial topics. From environmental health and justice to behavioral health, and tackling pressing issues like cancer, diabetes, autoimmune disorders, and reproductive health, the WHA Conference ensures every attendee leaves with valuable knowledge and resources.

Furthermore, acknowledging the paramount significance of mental well-being, specialists in mental health will offer invaluable insights into mindfulness practices and stress alleviation techniques, tailored to address the holistic health requirements of women.

In an unwavering commitment to narrowing health gaps, the WHA Conference persistently offers resources in Spanish, nurturing health resilience among Hispanic and Latinx communities. By extending its reach to new urban and rural areas, particularly those with constrained internet accessibility, the conference broadens its influence, delivering vital health insights directly to the doorsteps of those who require it most.

The success of the WHA Conference is amplified through strategic partnerships with public health and community-based organizations, enabling the spread of WHA programming across North Carolina. Notable satellite locations include the Mountain Area Health Education Center in Asheville and the Creedmoor Community Center in Creedmoor, making health education more accessible than ever.

The dedication and support of the Office of Human Research and Community Engagement at the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (NIEHS)/National Institutes of Health (NIH), led by Joan Packenham, Ph.D., alongside co-sponsors such as Durham Alumnae Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc., Durham Alumnae Delta House, Inc., and the North Carolina Central University Department of Public Health Education, underscore the collective commitment to the health and empowerment of women and communities of color.

The WHA Conference beckons all to join in this remarkable celebration. Secure your place in history by pre-registering before March 25, and embrace the opportunity to indulge in a day brimming with enlightenment and camaraderie. By participating, you not only treat yourself to a complimentary lunch but also dive into a plethora of empowering sessions, forging invaluable connections, and charting a course towards a healthier tomorrow. Seize this moment to empower yourself and uplift your community. The journey towards holistic well-being begins right here, at the WHA 2024 Conference, where every step taken propels us closer to a world where health knows no bounds.


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