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Empowering Hispanic Women: A Revolutionary Approach to Health Education

Visuals: Courtesy of National Alliance for Hispanic Health

In the vibrant celebration of International Women's Day, the Healthy Americas Foundation proudly unveils a groundbreaking initiative aimed at addressing the overlooked health needs of Hispanic women. Led by the visionary Dr. Jane L. Delgado, President and CEO of the Healthy Americas Foundation, this endeavor signifies a pivotal moment in prioritizing the well-being of a demographic too long sidelined in healthcare discussions.

"For more than two decades, Hispanic women have been the largest group of women in the nation after non-Hispanic Whites, yet our health needs have often been sidelined," Dr. Delgado emphasizes. In response to this glaring disparity, the Healthy Americas Foundation embarked on a collaborative journey with leading Hispanic women's health professionals and community-based organizations to discern the crucial health information desired by Hispanic women navigating the complexities of their lives.

The resounding feedback illuminated a clear path forward: Hispanic women sought holistic, culturally sensitive health guidance devoid of disease-centric narratives or blame. Simultaneously, healthcare providers expressed a need for effective strategies to communicate complex health information meaningfully.

Drawing upon this invaluable community expertise, Healthy Americas Foundation introduced the Mi Hermana (My Sister) suite of seven comprehensive seminars, meticulously distilled into a dynamic two-hour, on-demand webinar. What sets Mi Hermana apart is its availability in Spanish and English, its culturally proficient, and non-commercial approach, solely focused on imparting vital health insights without promoting any products or services.

This engaging webinar delves deeply into various facets of health, including an exploration of body systems and their interconnectedness, mental health and well-being, and critical environmental health factors such as access to clean water and air. Furthermore, it offers the latest scientific advancements and practical insights on nutrition, label reading skills, the significance of the USP certification mark, and personalized health planning strategies.

Accessible in both English and Spanish, the content transcends conventional health education paradigms by fostering a holistic understanding rather than addressing isolated health issues. Designed with physicians, healthcare providers, and anyone invested in the health of Hispanic women in mind, this webinar offers the opportunity to earn two free Continuing Medical Education credits.

Mi Hermana stands as a testament to the power of community-driven initiatives in reshaping healthcare narratives and practices. By centering the voices and experiences of Hispanic women, the Healthy Americas Foundation has catalyzed a transformative approach to health education, one that is inclusive, empowering, and deeply resonant with its target audience.

To access these invaluable resources and join the movement toward a healthier future for all, visit the Healthy Americas Foundation. Let us celebrate the strength, resilience, and vitality of Hispanic women while ensuring their rightful place at the forefront of healthcare advocacy and innovation.


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